Mars storm photo: 'something's brewing here'


India has published the first global view of Mars taken by the country's spacecraft orbiting the red planet, and the image shows a dust storm brewing.

NZ volcanoes could erupt unexpectedly


A sudden, unexpected eruption - like the one that killed 31 people in Japan on Saturday - could happen here.

Scientists unveil 'invisibility cloak'


Watch out Harry Potter, you are not the only wizard with an invisibility cloak.

Recovering southern right whales spotted

southern right whale

Niwa ecologists spot an estimated 60-100 endangered southern right whales.

Triumph for India as Mars orbiter enters orbit

mars strap

Scientists broke into wild cheers in New Delhi as the orbiter braked successfully and entered orbit.

Interstellar game explains space-time travel


App-based journey through strange solar systems from Christopher Nolan's latest film.

Indian spacecraft set to arrive at Mars

mars strap

With NASA’s Maven spacecraft safely in orbit around Mars, the spotlight shifts to India’s first mission to the red planet.

Preparing for the big one

Wellington quake

OPINION: Disaster experts are meeting in Wellington, the ideal location to discuss natural hazards and how to mitigate the risks.

Ape's baby days are over

siamang gibbon ape

A gynaecologist performed a sterilisation operation on an "unusual patient" - a 25-year-old ape.

NASA's Maven makes it to Mars

NASA is back on Mars after a 700 million kilometre journey that began nearly a year ago.

Nasa's Maven explorer arriving at Mars

NASA's Maven spacecraft is on track to reach Mars following a journey spanning 10 months and 711 million kilometres.

Global protests as greenhouse gases hit high

Demonstrations around the world as greenhouse gas emissions surge to the highest levels in human history.

Mars explorer Maven about to enter orbit

mars strap

Nasa's Maven orbital explorer will slip into Mars orbit tomorrow, to study the red planet's atmosphere.

Rain delays SpaceX rocket launch

Bad weather has delayed a SpaceX cargo run to the International Space Station for NASA.

Little known about rare porpoise

Ewan Fordyce

Researchers say the stranding of a rare porpoise on a Dunedin beach does have an upside.

King Richard III died painfully in battle, study confirms

King Richard III

He may be a murderer, but whatever else you think of him, King Richard III was no coward.

Urine tests could replace cervical smears, doctors say


Simple, non-invasive urine tests offer an alternative to cervical smears, researchers say.

Nasa's tips for finding alien life


So you want to find alien life? Nasa can help, with tips for going about your search in in the right way.

Bed rest 'harmful' for pregnant mums

pregnant strap

Laying around for hours at a time, day after day, doesn't prevent early deliveries - and it puts a strain on the rest of the family.

It's a girl: results of colossal squid examination

 Colossal squid thrills Te Papa

It's a girl - not the latest royal-baby-to-be, but Te Papa's new colossal squid, and it had a lot to teach us.

Aurora displays tipped for South Island skies

Aurora Australis over Canterbury

The South Island could get a spectacular light show across the skies tonight - but it could also be rained out.

New weapon against flu?

microscope scientist

Otago University researchers have identified a protein that could be targeted by anti-influenza drugs.

Ancient flying reptile named after Avatar


Animal very similar to James Cameron's CGI mountain banshee actually existed here on Earth long ago.

Spinosaurus a very weird killer, bigger than T Rex

Turns out spinosaurus was a very weird, semi-aquatic predator that was bigger than T Rex.

CO2 pollution levels at annual record high

"Time is not on our side," the UN weather agency chief says as agency finds big bump in carbon dioxide levels.

New-found asteroid to fly over New Zealand

Asteroid 2014 RC

New Zealand will be in the box seat when a newly-discovered asteroid passes super close to Earth on Monday morning.

Space sex geckos perish, but fruit flies flourish

Five geckos tasked with reproducing in zero gravity failed the mission, but sex did happen in space.

Bardarbunga's amazing display


Iceland's more-pronounceable volcano is continuing to put on quite a show.

Study links estuary sediment to sheep

sediment fingerprinting

Science has uncovered sheep, not dairy cows, as culprits for some sediment problems in Southland estuaries.

Death Valley rock mystery finally solved


Two cousins solve the long-standing mystery of the "Racetrack Playa" in Death Valley National Park.

Memory experiment could help treat depression

Mouse, mice generic

Turning bad memories into good ones could be as simple as manipulating brain circuitry.

Quakes rattle White Island

White Island

A run of small earthquakes has been rattling New Zealand's White Island.

Scientists studying sheepdogs' tactics

sheepdog strap

Researchers are using high technology and maths to work out how sheepdogs herd sheep.

More whales visiting Otago Harbour

southern right whale

Whale visits to Otago Harbour seem to be increasing, a Dunedin Department of Conservation ranger says.

Why are Kiwis killing reindeer?


Kiwi expertise is key to a project to eradicate rats and reindeer from the island of South Georgia in the remote and wild southern Atlantic Ocean.

Parents can't spot the fat in their kids

Researchers have identified a new culprit in the epidemic of childhood obesity: parents who can't even tell that their pudgy kids are overweight.

Pair want city back on fluoride

water generic

Councillors are calling for fluoride to be put back in New Plymouth's water supply.

Far-off quakes affect Alpine Fault

Earthquake generic

Quakes several hundred kilometres away trigger activity deep beneath NZ's Alpine Fault.

Learning the language of animals

No other creatures have a true language except for us. Or do they?

Scientists seek to parse animal language from noise

Dr Doolittle

No other creatures have a true language except for us. Or do they?

Conspiracy theories on Mars 'alien thigh bone'

Is this an alien thigh bone on Mars? Highly unlikely, says NASA.

Nasa: Help us identify space imagery


Nasa wants your help to solve a 300,000 piece puzzle thanks to snap-happy astronauts

42 folds and you're at the Moon

Moon and Earth

Prepare for your brain to melt. All you need is a bit of paper and exponential growth.

Life discovered deep underneath Antarctica

Antarctica ice generic

An ecosystem has been discovered under Antarctica's ice, proving water is habitable even if its freezing and there is no sunlight.

Video: Jellyfish stinging in slow mo


Ever wonder why jellyfish stings are so painful? An Alabama rocket engineer went to Australia to find out.

Space totally confuses your immune system

 International Space Station

Can an astronaut survive a long-term spaceflight?

Why women have risky sex on vacation


Who knew that having sex on the beach — or other far-flung tourist destinations — could be so complicated?

Iceland on volcano alert after earthquakes

Eyjafjallajokull volcano

Thousands of small quakes rock Iceland amid concerns one of country's volcanoes may erupt.

Sea plankton found outside International Space Station

 International Space Station

It's not quite ET, but astronauts have discovered things growing outside the space station.

GM artificial food may be 'staple diet'

Test tube burger

Steak grown in labs and engineered fish may become the staple in the future.
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