Actress discovers the Wonder of maths

Actress Danica McKellar is enjoying being back in the spotlight after years of pursuing her other passion - maths.

It's all adding up for former child star Danica McKellar

The tales that blood tells

Blood spatter expert Sergeant Melissa Bell believes she gives a voice to victims of crime.

Never mind Dexter, there's a new blood spatter expert on the scene.

Fears over 'nightmare' superbug

The superbug could mean "the end of the road" for antibiotics.

US health officials alarmed as woman found carrying bacteria resistant to all antibiotics.

Inside the 'Dunedin Study'

Professor Terrie Moffitt has been involved with the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health & Development Study since 1985.

 Why a Dunedin study of 1000 Kiwis has captured the scientific world's attention

Spending boost in 'optimistic' forecasts

Finance Minister Bill English (right) heads into Parliament to give his Budget speech with cabinet colleagues Paula ...

Budget paints a rosy picture of Crown's books, but economists say it is the forecasts doing the 'heavy lifting'.

Do babies have creative thoughts?

People are creative and curious from a very young age.

It turns out one-year-olds do show signs of being exploratory, experimental and creative.

Al Gore was right - mostly

Former US vice-president Al Gore released his controversial documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, 10 years ago.

Ten years after the release of An Inconvenient Truth, we look at its scorecard.

Next NASA launch scheduled for Wanaka in March 2017

Nasa balloon flightpath as at 10am Tuesday.

International Space Station science project for Wanaka.

Fascinating but useless buckyballs

Bob Brockie's view of "buckyballs".

Soccer-ball shaped buckyballs promised much but can actually deliver very little.

Uncertain times for the cheetah

Cheetahs are increasingly having to look over their shoulders in case a lion or leopard might steal their hard-earned catch.

Being built for speed may be a curse as the cheetah struggles for survival.

Experts question coastal hazards report

An expert panel will soon begin a second peer review of the controversial Christchurch coastal hazards report.

A team of experts will soon consider if a controversial report on erosion and flooding risk in Christchurch is fit for purpose.

Red Planet looms large

NASA 's latest image of Mars, as seen via the Hubble Space Telescope. view.

Stargazers in for a treat as Mars as it makes its closest approach to Earth in a decade.

Are we ready for Alpine Fault?

Brendon Bradley has been using 3D computer modelling to predict what a major earthquake on the alpine fault could feel like.

Landslides would close major highways for up to six months, isolating communities and limiting food supplies.

Slow quakes may help forecast the big ones

Engineers recover a Tohoku University seafloor absolute-pressure gauge after one year on the seafloor along the plate ...

Insights from off the Gisborne coast may be a step towards the holy grail of major earthquake prediction.

How dogs read moggies

Cats and dogs can learn to understand each other, despite the fact they each mean  different things when they wag their ...

Your pets learn to read each other's different signals, says an animal expert.

Gifts a matter of life and death

A male nursery web spider brings a snack for his lady friend.

For male nursery web spiders, it's either bring a snack or be the snack.

That's not windy. This is windy. video

Standing up in wind

Video shows what it's like trying to walk when the wind gets serious.

Fireball lights up sky video

A dashboard camera view of a meteor lighting up Portland, Maine.

Police officer has a better work story after capturing meteor on camera.

Destroying things - for science video

Putting a molten ball of nickle on a piece of floral foam - to see what happens.

What do a father and son, a power-lifter and a small-town family all have in common? They like to break things.

Budget: $97m to health research

Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce, and Health Minister Jonathan Coleman announce $97m in health research ...

Biggest funding boost "in history" will help Kiwis live longer lives and keep top scientists here, Govt says.

Space Station reaches milestone

A NASA photo shows a SpaceX Dragon capsule as it is released from the International Space Station.

It's 100,000 laps around Earth and counting for the International Space Station.

Perilous quest to fight polio

Efforts to battle the disease in Pakistan is fraught with complications.

Pakistan health workers keep a low profile as they go about battling the disease, one vaccine at a time.

New meaning for term 'fish-eyed'

New Zealand hoki fish eyes are being tested for their potential use in human corneal replacements.

Fish eyes could help solve hunan cornea shortage

Brockie on brains

Brockie's view of the brain

We know a bit about how the brain works but there are still a million questions to be answered...

Beginners' guide to black holes

A supermassive black hole with millions to billions times the mass of our sun is seen in an undated NASA artist's ...

We still have much to learn about black holes, those enigmatic features from which even light cannot escape.

Kiwi scientist stars on US TV

Kiwi scientist Elizabeth Iorns featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

After previously slaying Kiwi politicians, comedian John Oliver finds a NZer he can take seriously.

SGHS student chosen for science forum video

Southland Girls' High School year 13 student Sophie Cook is heading to the London International Youth Science Forum ...

Southland Girls' High School student Sophie Cook will be going to the London International Youth Science Forum in July.

Strange cell could reshape biology

Scientific researchers have made new advances studying the evolution of cell structures.

Life on Earth used to be simple. Then something strange and spectacular happened.

When a window breaks in space video

The hole in the space station is superficial but a little unsettling for Earthbound folk.

A bit of debris chipped the International Space Station. That's just one piece of a much bigger problem.

Students show off their mussels video

Nelson College for Girls year 13 student Rachel Bland measures  the heart rate of mussel spat  in water with estrogen, ...

Nelson biology students have been investigating aquaculture with the help of Cawthron Institute scientists.

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