Pioneering astronaut John Glenn dies

John Glenn was credited with reviving US pride after the Soviet Union's early domination of manned space exploration, as ...

John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth and a former war hero, dies aged 95.

Central NZ tsunami risk worry

Following the recent 7.5 quake, Foxton Beach resident Jacinda Baker found deep cracks in the sand while walking her dog ...

Central NZ tsunami risk may be higher due to undiscovered offshore faults.

Whitebait fishing unsustainable

A fisherman checking his whitebait net on the banks of the Waihopai River.

Four of five species' numbers are declining.

The origin of NZ's sandbars

Eight people died last month after the Francie capsized attempting to cross the Kaipara bar.

Sandbars are part of what makes the New Zealand coast line so dangerous. But where do they come from?

SpaceX eyes 2017 launch

CEO Elon Musk and SpaceX have had a difficult year, but are already formulating plans to blast off in 2017.

American space exploration and cargo delivery company will return to orbit early in 2017.

Mud slinging in archaeological dispute

The Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve is located next to a Special Housing Area in Mangere.

Auckland housing developers planning to develop more than 450 homes in an area next to the Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve.

Whale recorder found 185km away

A retrieved audio device from the South Taranaki Bight in a life ring.

A $7000 device used for recording whale song washed up off Kapiti Island after drifting all the way from Taranaki.

10 faults in Kaikoura quake video

Damage along the Kekerengu fault.

"I've never heard of another one like it in the world." Scientists remain stunned by our monster quake.

A peek inside Weta's Bug Lab video

Ben Barraud, set designer and second unit art director for The Hobbit, is now Head of Design at Te Papa.

Weta Workshop and Te Papa put the final touches on the blockbuster exhibition.

Asteroid activities a concern

An artist's depiction of the ExoMars rover.

Space agency sending a rover to Mars, but warns we actually need to figure out how to save Earth from asteroids.

Roots musician's addiction to ice

Musician Warren Maxwell swapped his guitar for a recording device during a nine day art trip to Antarctica.

Warren Maxwell has a new favourite place - Antarctica.

Growing 'curiosity-driven' children

Dr Michelle Dickinson speaks to St Francis of Assisi Catholic School on Monday about Nano Science as part of her ...

Nanogirl visits Christchurch to change the way science is taught, learned, and how many perceive it.

Social media poisoning minds with shonky opinions

Brockie's view of possums and 1080

Social media chatter distorts the scientific truth, Bob Brockie says.

Different earthquake, different damage

The demolition of 61 Molesworth Street building.

How does the type of earthquake affect which buildings are damaged?

Starfish may show winners and losers from climate change

Antarctic starfish  are "abundant, they travel well, they're happy in the lab and we've got lots of experience with ...

 What can Antarctic starfish tell us about how climate change may affect the southern ocean?

In and under the Antarctic ice video

Matt Windsor is a field training instructor for Antarctic New Zealand. In a new video, Windsor shows what its like to ...

What is it like to work in Antarctica? A new video from a Kiwi on the ice gives us a glimpse.

What if our volcanoes erupt? video

15012015. News. Photo courtesy of ATEED.
Auckland city and Rangitoto Island from above.
Auckland city, Westhaven Marina ...

Scientist says we should be wary of the sleeping giants on our doorstep.

Antarctic researcher's day to day

Lead ice core researcher Dr Nancy Bertler looks at some 2000-year-old ice in the newly opened Ice Core Research ...

Associate Professor Nancy Bertler explains why she loves working in a place colder than your freezer.

A lead-rubber quake solution?

Parliament's retro fitted Lead Rubber Bearings have been credited with its smooth ride during the Kaikoura quake.

Could lead rubber base isolators be the answer to our earthquake fears? Roger Hanson thinks so.

Unusual quake activity 'no cause for alarm'

Acting Civil Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee says Kiwis should not be alarmed about new information from GNS.

Scientists are investigating "slow earthquakes" in lower North Island - but Gerry Brownlee says we should be prepared, not worried.

What's with these aftershocks?

Images of the scarp created near Waiau by the Kaikoura earthquake.

The complexity of the Kaikoura Earthquake and the number of faults that ruptured could be a clue to what has so far been a relatively low number of aftershocks.

Taking on the 'world's most hated man'

Some of the year 11 boys at Sydney Grammar School who have made an anti-malarial drug for A$2 a dose.

A group of Aussie school kids have shown "big pharma" that big bucks aren't needed to make essential drugs.

Finding out why some birds don't fly

Dr Gillian Gibb received a $300,000 grant to research the genetic difference between flightless and flighted birds and ...

A study on the genetics of flightless birds hopes to find out why some birds no longer fly

More than science on tap

TEDx Scott Base: speaker Ashlan Gorse Cousteau has an unparalleled ability to combine science, environmentalism and ...

Sorry, you can't get tickets to TEDx Scott Base, but you can watch all 10 speakers and entertainers online.

Rotorua eruption 'awesome' - witness video

Monday's geyser was seen from Ohinemutu Village, pictured.

Video shows a second hydrothermal eruption in Rotorua, likely sparked by Monday's activity.

How do you poo in space? video

When you got to go, you got to go, even if you're in space.

Don't let your creative thinking skills go to waste. Solve this puzzler and NASA could just reward you with $42,000.

NZ's quakes in virtual reality

A visualisation of New Zealand earthquakes created by Stefan Marks of AUT.

Startling new simulation shows exactly how shaky our country is.

Stunning images of Mars video

An artist's impression shows the separation of the ExoMars entry, descent and landing demonstrator module, the ...

A mission to Mars has sent back its first hi-res pictures of the planet's mysterious surface.

Gown worn by three generations video

Brian Hill and daughter Kate Hill, who became a doctor in veterinary science wearing the academic gown first worn by her ...

 Kate Hill has continued a legacy, the third generation of her family to graduate in the same gown.

Scientist warns of coral reef 'massacre'

Nelson Cawthron Institute research scientist Xavier Pochon on the 10-day expedition in the Pacific.

A Nelson scientist says global warming is having a devastating effect on Pacific coral reefs.

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