'Radical' new asthma treatment

The study used fibre supplements to change the composition of bacteria in the gut.

New approach to asthma treatment that targets diet changes described as "world first".

China, NZ unite over cancer drugs

Cancer vaccination immunotherapy treatments are set to be trialed in New Zealand in a partnership between Malaghan ...

Kiwis promised first bite at new cancer vaccines driven by Chinese and Malaghan researchers.

NZ's forgotten species

Hutton's Shearwater is just one of thousands of species that Forest and Bird say has been forgotten.

New Zealand has more than 900 native species approaching extinction and another 2800 declining or at risk.

Psychedelic aurora flight first video


The Southern Lights have never been pictured like this – in a flight through the sublime swirl.

A giant leap toward longer life video

Lindsay Wu at work in the lab at UNSW in Sydney.

Scientists find a way to reverse the ageing process, raising the prospect of an anti-ageing treatment within a decade.

The South Island moved video

Damage on a farm caused by the Kekerengu fault.

The South Island was shunted over 5m closer to the North in a rupture so complex it may forever change quake science.

Editorial: NZ needs a climate change plan

New Zealand has the highest car ownership rate in the OECD, a new report says.

OPINION: NZ faces unique challenges, but that is no excuse for ignoring the problem.

New butterfly species spotted

The Australian blue triangle butterfly has distinctive markings.

Blue triangle butterfly was probably blown over from Australia by a storm.

Moon flight foul-ups

SpaceX  chief executive Elon Musk plans to fly two private citizens around the moon next year.

Space flight ain't always silky smooth.

Why Trump's science cuts matter

Trump has said that "nobody really knows" whether climate change is real.

New Zealand scientists rely on the US for climate data, so if Trump slashes the budget, we suffer too.

Trump has eyes on Mars

Up there? No thanks! Trump said he has no plans of going to space himself.

US President signs off on Nasa's plans for human exploration of the red planet.

Stars align for aurora hunters

12042015 Feature photo supplied Credit: Stephen Voss
aurora images from last nights display of the Southern Lights. ...

Stargazers' first NZ aurora flight "equivalent of going to Iceland".

NASA balloon team prepares for round three in Wanaka

NASA 2017 super pressure balloon launch team members, Chris Schwantes (meterologist), left, holding a Pibal weather ...

All systems being checked at Wanaka Airport for NASA's third super pressure balloon launch.

Comet landslide photographed

An image of Comet 67P taken on July 10, 2015. The white arrow shows the outburst caused by the Aswan cliff collapse. ...

Astronomer Maurizio Pajola had been up for hours. His eyes were beginning to glaze over when he saw something bright on the comet's dim surface.

Finding the quake danger zones video

Professor Brendon Bradley has won a PM's Science prize for his research into where the earth shakes the most, based on ...

3D model of the land beneath us may explain why some areas in NZ suffer far more damage than others after quakes.

Solution to stroke? Spiders

Funnel-web spiders may be able to save stroke victims.

Funnel-web spiders in Australia may hold the key to saving stroke patients' lives.

A kea's laughter is infectious video

Kea have a specific shriek which causes them to play.

Kea often thought to be equal parts lovable and obnoxious, but recent research shows their inner workings are more complex than previously thought.

Could Pluto be a planet...again? video

Pluto was reclassified as a "dwarf planet" in 2006.

A new definition would add 102 planets to our solar system - including Pluto.

Stephen Hawking to travel to space video

Physicist Stephen Hawking will be among the first passengers to visit space on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

"I thought no one would take me," the 75-year-old physicist said after Richard Branson's offer.

Kiwi figuring out what happened after the Big Bang

The Big Bang. Dr Florian Beyer is interested in events at the far left of the cone.

University of Otago is making breakthroughs with new mathematical models that zoom in on the beginning of time.

DNA shows ancient Aborigines rarely interbred

All of today's Aboriginals descend from the same lineage that crossed a land bridge about 50,000 years ago.

In recent months, scientists have picked up on some extraordinary ancient history. 

Vitamin D's vital role

A bit of time in the sun is good for your vitamin D levels.

A bit of sun can be good for your bones. Roger Hanson explains.

SpaceX launches rocket

The EchoStar XXIII satellite will lift off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

The EchoStar XXIII satellite will lift off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

Algae turns beaches neon blue video

Beachgoer captures neon blue algae illuminating Aussie beach.

A natural phenomenon nicknamed "sea sparkle" is lighting up the waters off Australia.

Stem cell treatment leaves women blind

The elderly women sought treatment for age-related macular degeneration, a common eye condition characterised by ...

Three US women have been blinded after they had stem cells from abdominal fat injected into their eyes in a clinical experiment.

Loud noise is quietly dangerous

The assault from rock concerts and vacuum cleaners does not show up in standard hearing tests, findings show.

The assault from rock concerts and vacuum cleaners does not show up in standard hearing tests, findings show.

MDMA to treat tinnitus?

TInnitus, a constant ringing in the ears, can be a debilitating condition.

Researchers one step closer to finding out whether banned party drug can help manage ear-ringing.

Spiders eat as much meat as humans video

The world's spiders eat 400 to 800 tonnes of meat a year.

Apparently the appetite of our eight-legged friends is a good thing and not at all terrifying. Unless they stop.

1.6b year old sushi fossil found

This X-ray of fossil thread-like red algae, tinted to show detail, is thought to be the oldest-known plant on Earth.

Ripple effect for evolution as find suggests plants grew on Earth 400 million years earlier than previously thought.

Kaikoura quake surprise video

There had been about 180km of surface fault rupture in the quake, with the largest displacement across a fault being ...

Over 20 faults ruptured during November's huge quake - possibly a world record.

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