A nonsense of a paper

Associate professor Christoph Bartneck has studied flags but is no expert in nuclear physics.

Using a fake ID, Canterbury academic wrote a nuclear physics paper using his phone's auto-complete.

Scientist killed in Antarctica

Gordon Hamilton was killed in Antarctica.

"Pioneer" researcher's snowmobile hit a crevasse and he fell 30 metres.

Greenie scaremongering

Greenie Luddites so put the wind up the New Zealand government that it passed ludicrous restrictions on harmless GE ...

Greenie alarmists have long spread misinformation and lies, says Bob Brockie.

'Startling' male pill breakthrough

The proposed male contraceptive would turn off sperm's ability to swim.

New male contraceptive could be taken minutes before sex and work for days.

Relief for beer drinkers video

310312 Lawrence Smith/Fairfax Media
The new Zealand Beer Festival gets underway down at The Cloud on Auckland's Queens ...

'No beersies for you' could be a thing of the past for thirsty gluten-intolerant drinkers.

iOS writes NZ scientist's paper

Your iPhone is now equipped to write a full scientific paper on nuclear and atomic physics.

The fact a NZ researcher knew nothing about atomic physics didn't stop him writing a paper on the topic.

Kiwi's solar system revelation

Could a theorised Planet Nine be affecting a distant world with a remarkably elongated orbit?

Kiwi scientist's revelation there's a strange orbiting object in our solar system sends star-gazers into Planet Nine fervour.

The whale geologist and the radio astronomer

On their annual migrations, humpback whales navigate with astonishing accuracy.

Two scientists speaking at TEDxChristchurch 2016 next Saturday are tackling big data problems.

Kiwi biologist's small wonder

A PhD candidate at New York University on weekdays, Sally Warring spends her weekends revealing the surprising life ...

This Kiwi has amassed 41,400 Instagram followers with her images of microscopic life taken in and around New York.

Planet Nine 'wobbles' solar system video

An artist's rendering shows the distant view from "Planet Nine" back towards the sun.

Astronomers can't see "Planet Nine." But it makes its presence known - by twisting our entire solar system.

What happened to Mars probe? video

An artist's impression shows  the separation of the ExoMars 2016 entry, descent and landing demonstrator module, named ...

Thruster fault on landing probe leaves scientists uncertain whether it touched down safely or broke apart.

Big new Aussie dinosaur

Study author Dr Stephen Poropat - from the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History - with  back vertebrae ...

It was a dinosaur journey - from South America to Australia, via Antarctica.

Animals of Central Asia

Saiga antelope with a baby grazes next to carcasses of dead antelopes in Kazakhstan.

Central Asian animals have been forced to adapt to one of the world's harshest environments.

Digging deep to save the world

2016 Diploma of Global Humanitarian Engineering students - Quinn Hornblow, Madeline Furness (face partially obscured),  ...

Accessing groundwater after a disaster poses particular challenges for communities around the world.

Do we give more if we think we're being watched?

Although we care about our reputation, the notion we're being watched hasn't been found to influence the amount we ...

The false perception we're being watched doesn't influence online giving, a study from Auckland University has found.

How to cut your emissions with one email

Massey University mathematics lecturer Robert McLachlan has seen big gains to his environmental impact from taking some ...

The everyday steps you can take to reduce carbon use.

Study of NZ: 5000 children cut video

Associate Social Development Minister Jo Goodhew has confirmed the size of the study has been slashed.

Fears millions invested in data for NZ's biggest long-term research project will be meaningless.

Brockie's World of Science

Brockie's view of peopling the world.

Climate change more than 100,000 years ago helped our ancestors spread across the world.

Ready to land on Mars

A hostile environment has not deterred US President Barack Obama from pledging to send people to the planet by the 2030s.

Mars lander the Schiaparelli is due to leave its mothership and head toward the red planet's surface.

Breakthrough lets paralysed man feel

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center researcher Robert Gaunt touches the finger of a robotic arm, causing Nathan ...

In medical first paralysed man experiences sense of touch through use of mind-controlled robotic arm.

Quake 'Christchurch on steroids'

Geologists have indicated another big quake on the Alpine Fault is due.

An Alpine Fault rupture would "change life in NZ", a Civil Defence conference has heard.

Universe contains 'two billion galaxies'

Astronomers estimate there are two trillion galaxies, ten times more than previously thought.

Astronomers have revised their estimate of the number of galaxies in the universe - and it's many more than previously thought.

Here's why you should get an early night

Brain sections made of cogs and gears representing intelligence and psychological mental ...

The brain's frontal lobe, the part responsible for our memory, starts to switch off when we're sleepy.

Extinction may not be permanent

The Paul Dibble sculpture, Ghost of the Huia, in Palmerston North.

Species dying out or recently extinct may be able to be resurrected using genetic engineering.

First Mars, then...

An artist rendering of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft approaching Mars.

Why send humans to Mars? To save the human race from itself.

Rena penguins stress-free

A little blue penguin gets the star wash treatment at the Oiled Wildlife Response Centre after the Rena oil spill in 2011.

Penguins caught up in the Rena oil spill of 2011 are going to be okay, researchers say.

Obama wants us on Mars, soon video

Obama has pledged to send people to Mars by the 2030s.

US President announces new efforts to build habitats to help humans live long-term far from Earth.

Roger Hanson column

Lightning strikes the ground during a severe thunderstorm over Christchurch in February 2004.

What causes lightning and why does it sometimes accompany large volcanic eruptions?

Scientists' spectacular photos video

A rare shot of a juvenile flying fish.

Niwa reveals the greatest pictures captured by staff this year.

When molten lava meets the sea video

Drone footage has captured the moment the molten rock from a Hawaiian volcano meets the sea.

Drone footage has captured the moment lava from a Hawaiian volcano reaches the ocean.

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