Recipe for success

Kids REAP rewards of cooking

The opportunity to create some tasty treats to eat led to eight students from across Northern Southland gathering to learn some of the finer culinary skills last Friday.
Angela Richardson

Routine check nabs pair

Police Police conducting a routine road stop in Central Otago have grabbed a ''substantial'' drug haul.

DOC replies to possum rumour

2 min ago DOC has scotched rumours that dead possums from the Catlins were being spread in the Waikaia Forest to test decomposition rates.

Driver crashed three times

A drink-driver crashed her car three times before she was caught by police.

Teen 'critical' after fall

An Australian teenager is in a critical condition after falling off a hotel roof in Queenstown.

Letter: All hail kale

1:53pm OPINION: A readers sings the praises of Southland's leafy superfood.

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Man in hospital after assault

Police Police are seeking witnesses after a man was reportedly beaten by two assailants yesterday.

Wanaka pool could collapse

A report says the Wanaka pool is potentially life-threatening and could collapse because of structural weaknesses.

Community benefits from hay drive

Speed demon

Free-range hound

Owners want pets off leash

A council bid to restrict pooches has been labelled a recipe for disaster, vague and stupid by howling mad dog owners.

Sorry, no women allowed

April Miller Rugby Southland has booted 18-year-old April Miller from the presidents grade competition.

Newcomer builds himself up

A couple of months ago Invercargill builder Kerry Archer was caught in the moment.

MacDonald still on top

Juniors play well at champs

Greer Alsop

Alsop has 2020 vision

An ankle injury has hindered Greer Alsop's first year at Washington State University.

SBS Bank in good shape

Ross Smith The outgoing SBS CEO leaves the bank after reporting a near-record profit for 2014.

South Island primed for platinum

Canadian company given go-ahead to search for precious metal in Tasman and Southland.

Anger can be expensive

Creditors may be out of pocket


Empire began over lunch

A friendly chat at lunch about rubber inflatable boats led to the creation of the south's largest boat manufacturer.

Cash incentive drives recycling programme

Reycling Intrepid Southland Wastebusters secretary Jenny Campbell spent time in Israel recently and found there was more to waste minimisation and recycling there than meets the eye.

Conservation plan needs sponsor

A conservation-minded patron is needed to keep the idea of the Red Bridge River Park afloat, otherwise the proposal could be sunk.

Diabolic ride

Swim sport in centre bid


What's all that crowing about?

Why do roosters crow when they do? This question is still puzzling to scientists who have come to differing conclusions following experiments.

South brims with positive brands

Southern Focus The art of good promotions is to define aspects of your region that are unique then encourage visitors and locals to embrace these features. Sounds simple enough?

Letter: Amped up a downer

A reader says local shows have been marred by the amplification of backing bands.

Lydia the unstoppable lady

Don't let the hype sink the debate

David Cunliffe

Fewer opportunities

If you merge into head office for budget reasons, that's fewer jobs on the local front. Simple maths.

A sucker for edamame

Edamame One of our family's favourite "snack" foods is the Japanese named edamame. Generally we enjoy them served in the pod, simply poached, salted then dipped in a delightful mixture of soy sauce and wasabi.

Swapping league for speed

Whetu Taewa blitzed the opposition with pace and power throughout his international league career.

Diabolic ride

Longevity secrets studied

John Rasmussen

Grape expectations

John Rasmussen's dream was to build a home within a vineyard, where he could enjoy retirement.

Slow burner that soon heats up

Murder Bag Is there anything more likely to warm the cockles of your heart on a chilly winter evening than a good murder mystery?

Southland stakes claim for wonderful Catlins

ABOUT THE SOUTH: New Zealand's top 10 landmarks from a recent TripAdvisor poll put Olveston in Dunedin in top place.

Animal stories essentially funny

Short and to the point

Mamma Mia!

The sound of music

Getting the sound right for Mamma Mia! is going to mean getting the process right first.

If adverts said it like it is...

Bodywash What if the focus of ads aimed at women was being 100 per cent BS free, rather than 100 per cent fat free?

The return of the man-skirt

Despite howls of protest, celebrities and catwalk models are flaunting the last feminine meets masculine style trend.

(Bad) sex still sells

Change is all around us


Nine diet-saving food swaps

Commit to these simple health-saving food swaps and see (and feel) results.

Kardashian says app not racist

Reality TV-star Kim Kardashian denies reports her smartphone app was programmed to include racist messages.

Braille phone printed

Stripped-down handset has 3D-printed buttons labelled in braille.

Galaxy Tab S appeals to iPad users

Apple offer million users free beta

The internet is watching your cat

Cat photos. They seem so cute and fun to share online - until they give up your personal information.

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Opinion poll

Should April Miller be allowed to play in the presidents grade rugby competition?

Yes, if she can keep up with the other players, why not?

No, it's against the rules and it's not safe for her

Vote Result

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