Recognition of a life of flying

Bill Black off to London for 'special' award

A vastly experienced Southland pilot will receive a prestigious international aviation award but, in an ironic twist, he is afraid of flying to London for the occasion.
Bill Black

Sports Roundup

5:24pm Stags NPC preseason

'Sex assault lasted 8min'

A woman fighting for her name to be published was allegedly assaulted for eight minutes in her home.

Shark player given reprieve

The prime offender in a violent assault has had his sentencing deferred to March so he can play basketball in Australia.

Dairying just keeps on growing

Dairying in Southland continues to grow despite tougher environmental restrictions.

Gore jetboat pioneer takes on Fiji

Neil Ross has tackled rivers throughout Southland and ow, after a 10-year investment, has helped to claim the Sigatoka River in Fiji.

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A better future

By 14 he was a drug addict. By 17 he was in prison. Now, at age 20, he is on the methadone programme and credits a new initiative with keeping him on track.

Joint project to improve water quality

Local government and business agencies are pooling resources to improve water quality.

Council eyes hike in bus fare

Exhibitions tell story of Southland's war

Cassie Watt

Watt sets rugby milestone

Tisbury Primary School teacher Cassie Watt is poised to make Southland rugby history at Wilsons Crossing today.

Flett, Kempton top hopefuls

Squash generic Emily Flett and Mitchell Kempton are the top seeds for the Southland junior squash tournament in Invercargill.

Southland sign deaf player

Morgan Mitchell plays a quiet game on the rugby field, using his lip reading skills where possible.

Bluff hope jubilee's their year

'Spiderman' takes lead

Cassie Watt

Referee makes history

Tisbury Primary schoolteacher Cassie Watt is poised to make Southland rugby history at Wilsons Crossing.

End of a very good alliance

grant cuff Grant Cuff will soon bid a quiet farewell to red-meat processor and exporter Alliance Group.

Maori tourism interest

Queenstown had better brush-up on its local legends if it wants to help meet tourism targets.

Lorneville stock sale

Tribunal censures estate agent

Taxing Times

Tax much more than raising revenue

Why do governments impose tax? The following draws on an article by Richard Murphy, of UK Tax Research, on why it is necessary for governments to impose taxes.

Region's heritage has enthusiastic support

Esler A keen interest in heritage was very evident at the recent Southland Social Sciences Fair, where about two-thirds of the exhibits had a heritage theme, president Lloyd Esler noted.

Back from the brink of extinction

Rare bird's population is growing once again, thanks to a recovery programme on a tiny island in the Foveaux Strait.

An imaginative name when you look at it

Cash incentive drives recycling programme

Liam Calder

Boys whip up a menu

For a decade teens at Southland Boys' High School have been cooking up a storm.

Keeping tabs on our kids

There was a time when, on school athletics days, pupils would have cards pinned to their shirts so teachers could record their performances on them.

Homes, jobs and families

In the upcoming election Labour are going to keep it short and sweet. We're going to focus on what we believe are the three most important things that matter most to voters: jobs, homes, and families.

Irn Bru and deep fried mars bars

Make the most of new cycle trail

Jacob Finlayson

Do what you do do well, boy

If westerns have taught us anything, it's that Jacob Finlayson better keep his eyes peeled for trouble.

A question of psychology

wine There is always an awkward moment when my wife and I go out to dinner at the homes of friends who don't share our interest in wine but are, nevertheless, partial to the odd drop out of a clean glass.

Chickpeas pulse with goodness

Poets have been celebrating food and drink since time began, so it's a fair bet that someone - probably in Ancient Rome - wrote an ode to the venerable chickpea.

A loo roll checking disorder

A sucker for edamame

Hokonui garden wins honours

Landscape honours

If there's some quiet satisfaction around Pukerau at the moment it's well deserved.

Inspiration top of ill teacher's list

Priority List The word "inspirational" is often bandied about when it comes to biographies of the famous and wealthy, but this story of a teacher who simply wanted to carry on doing what he loved best is one of the few times "inspirational" is the appropriate description.

Techies take over theatre

The technical team has moved into the Civic Theatre to get things ready for Mamma Mia!

Copping a part in opera

First time nerves for students

sex tape

Sex-tape 'sitcom' clumsy and rarely funny

MOVIE REVIEW: When home video cameras came on the market, the sexually adventurous were among the first customers, and since then there's been no shortage of amateurs recording their bedroom antics and often sharing the results.

Unshaven armpit selfies

armpits The selfies-for-empowerment technique spreads to China, where women are embracing their hairy pits.

Which sex has the bigger ego?

Men have more "ego displays" but women tend to engage in mutually destructive warfare in the workplace.

Designs on high performance

Keep that phlegm to yourself


Fitness boot camp for dogs

Pups are more humanised than ever: they dress up, hang at cafes and now they even work out at doggy gyms.

PM denies spyware use

John Key flatly denies suggestions NZ installed spyware to collect data from Southern Cross cable.

Widespread Facebook outage

Service to world's largest social network fully restored following outage that affected multiple countries.

Machine serves up music mix

'Sue mum and dad pirates'

YouTube's dumbest trends

Even by YouTube standards, the “fire challenge” hits new lows.

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