Milk tanker rolled before bus hit

01:51, May 05 2014
Bus crashes into milk tanker
DAMAGED: Eight people suffered minor injuries when this bus crashed into milk tanker.

A crash between a milk tanker and a passenger bus which injured eight people near Mataura last night was believed to be the result of two separate incidents, police say.

Detective Sergeant Greg Baird, of Gore, said indications were the southbound tanker initially rolled and came to a stop before it was struck by the northbound bus. The truck and trailer appeared to be blocking both lanes of the road when it was struck by the bus.

As a result of the crash both tanks on the milk tanker ruptured, resulting in milk spilling into the watercourse, he said.

Eight occupants from the vehicles were transported to hospital for treatment, two via air ambulance. It was believed that none had serious injuries, he said.

Environment Southland communications spokeswoman Adrienne Henderson said there was no risk to waterways as a result of the crash.

An Environment Southland pollution response officer had been on-site at the scene until 3am, and the situation was contained.

As the incident occurred 3km from Matuara River, there was no risk of polluting the river, she said.

Environment Southland would undertake ground water sampling at the site for the next six to 12 months to monitor any effects. 


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