Nightlife behaviour labelled 'abysmal'

A man peeing in his own mouth, and fighting between young women were among several "abysmal" cases dealt with in Queenstown over the weekend.

Sergeant Kate Pirovano said Southlanders and locals were to blame for much of the mostly alcohol-fuelled offending.

At 1am yesterday a 20-year-old Invercargill woman was arrested for attacking another Invercargill woman in the mall. The victim received a suspected broken collarbone and the alleged offender was charged with intent to injure. Less than two hours later, two 25-year-old women, also from Invercargill, were charged with assaulting a female duty manager from The Buffalo Club while she was trying to close the bar.

"There was some punching in the bar towards the duty manager and outside an offender punched the victim in the face."

A second offender then punched her several more times in the face.

"It was abysmal behaviour by females in their 20s . . . there were probably fewer people in town, but the crowd seemed particularly intoxicated. Whether they were pre-loading and coming out - the bars were definitely quieter earlier on, probably because of the rugby," Pirovano said.

"The general vibe didn't seem that flash. We got to a couple of pubs but then we were busy dealing with the assaults."

Other incidents included a 25-year-old Australian man being arrested for urinating on a shop window and into his own mouth. He was charged with offensive behaviour.

The Southland Times