Wintry chill bites in the south

Wild weather has got southern emergency services on their toes as strong, cold southwesterly winds buffer the south, bringing wintry showers with hail.

A Kingswell fire crew was called to an Oreti St address in Invercargill when a neighbour's trampoline came flying over the fence and crashing into the house. There was no significant damage reported but firefighters said further weather-related callouts were expected.

The MetService says snow showers should continue to affect the ranges and some higher roads but only light flurries are expected down to 400 metres, and showers should ease this evening. 

Snow was likely to settle of some of the higher roads, including the Milford Road, Lindis Pass, and Crown Range Road.

A road snowfall warning remains in place for the Milford Road till later this afternoon. 

Gale-force west to south-west winds will continue about the Southland and Otago coastline today but should ease slowly from the west this evening. 

Farmers are advised that the combination of wintry showers, low temperatures and gale-force winds will put stress on stock. 

The Southland Times