Woman set to take drug pipe to Bali

01:19, Jul 07 2014

Queenstown police probably did a Canadian tourist a favour busting her at the airport with a cannabis pipe.

The 25-year-old was caught with the pipe after her bag was screened as she was checking in for a flight to Bali.

Acting Sergeant Mark Caswell said the pipe was in a sealed bag.

"She was warned about it and allowed to leave. It was pretty stupid. I suggest we prevented her from being arrested in Bali."

Meanwhile, police were left shaking their heads in another drug case in Queenstown on Friday night when they caught a 19-year-old man during a bail check with 43.9 grams of cannabis in snap-lock bags.

Police saw the drugs through the window while looking inside to see if he was there.

The man was arrested and remanded in custody.


The Southland Times