Tourists' memories of crash gone

21:23, Aug 13 2014
Crashed plane Otago
DOWNED: The plane crashed in Poolburn, Central Otago.

Texans Sarah and Erik Hoffmann have little memory of their scenic plane flight around Central Otago which crashed in Glenorchy nine days ago.

Pilot Ray Crow, 56, died when the Piper Cherokee 6 crashed in Lord of the Rings country near the Old Dunstan Rd, Poolburn, about 20km east of Alexandra.

The Houston couple, both geologists and fans of the Lord of the Rings, told the Otago Daily Times they had been flying over the landing strip to move cattle.

Ray Crow
KILLED PILOT: Glenorchy Air pilot Ray Crow died in a plane crash in Central Otago. Two tourists on the plane were seriously injured.

Sarah Hoffman said she remembered stopping for lunch but memories of the crash were gone. She recalled lying on the ground holding her phone and trying to remember New Zealand's emergency number, the ODT reported.

She had shattered a vertebra and her left heel, she told the paper, while Eric Hoffmann had damaged vertebrae and injured ligaments in his neck.

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission is investigating the crash.