Hair-raising row gets chop

Dunedin secondary  school pupil Kurtis Bain and his principal David Hunter have come to an agreement over a haircut the school deemed to be extreme.

Bain, 15, was facing suspension from classes because Hunter said his mohawk-style haircut did not fit within school rules. Bain did not agree that there was anything wrong with his hair, and was backed up by his father Philip.

However, Hunter said the three had reached a compromise last night.

The teen returned to school this morning with his hair shaved down to what Hunter believed was a more suitable length.

The principal expressed disappointment that Bain had gone to the media about the wrangle after reports surfaced this morning.

Tongue-in-cheek, he said he was pleased the case was not at the stage where it would go to the High Court.

Hastings St John’s College pupil Lucan Battison, 16, took his case to the High Court and won earlier this year, successfully fighting to keep his locks after he was suspended for refusing to cut his hair.