Homophobic taunts earn broken jaw

22:32, Aug 26 2014

A housekeeper who suffered homophobic abuse from a patron in a Queenstown bar has been fined for breaking the man's jaw.

Ricardo Clifford Tangatake Edwards, 36, was fined $500 for injuring by an unlawful act when he appeared before Judge Tom Broadmore for trial in the Queenstown District Court.

The court was told Edwards and a friend were in Camp Street Brewing Company on November 28 last year when another patron started hassling them, including using homophobic slurs. An argument started, Edwards took a swing at the man and broke his jaw, the court was told.

Constable Shona Campbell said she spoke to Edwards, who told her that he had punched the man in the nose to get rid of him. Her colleague, Constable Emily Olsen, said Edwards had given a statement about how he and his friend were taunted.

The judge said there was considerable provocation.


The Southland Times