Burt Munro-style all the way

02:14, Nov 25 2011
Burt Munro-style all the way
Handy guys: Dan Lane, of Hari Hari (left), with his jews harp, and Peter Dick and Edward McCudden, both of Hamilton, trying to fix Lucy in Invercargill.

A group of five Hamilton motorbike enthusiasts went "Burt Munro-style all the way" on Tuesday night, making a new needle jet out of 16-gauge wire after one of their bikes broke down in Murchison.

It was about 7pm when the five men were cruising between Fairlie and Murchison at an "undisclosed speed" and things started to go wrong.

"We stopped to have a look after we heard a huge bang and found the needle jet had gone right throught the engine," Pete Dick said.

The bike that broke down was "Lucy", which belongs to Edward McCudden. "We went around Murchison to see if we could find a part, but nothing was open and nobody knew anything about it," Mr Dick said.

So they went "Burt Munro-style".

With a piece of 16-gauge fence wire, some side cutters and some sandpaper, the five men created their own needle jet, 99 per cent as good as the original, they reckoned.


"It came out mint as. We can't help being clever bastards," Mr Dick said.

They then spent the night sleeping on a golf course sand bunker.

The  Burt Munro first-timers spent Wednesday night in Queenstown, where they came across jews-harp-playing Dan  Lane, who said he was a challenge regular and every year something went wrong with his bike.

"I always have trouble with my bike, and people in Invercargill are always amazing help," he said. "You're all Burt Munros down here.

"You don't get it anywhere else … Rock on." he said.

His harp-playing wasn't endearing to everyone: some people asking him to leave.

Mr Dick said it was the friendships made and the stories shared that made the challenge unique. "Any time we are in Hari Hari we can look Dan up now. You just don't find that anywhere else, it's amazing".

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