Today's letter: Summer of discontent

19:42, Dec 11 2012

Now that we have been given a respite (short-term only) from the seemingly endless media coverage of ''things rugby'' I'm sure many of us were hoping for a nice relaxing summer of cricket.

Thanks to New Zealand Cricket for stuffing up what should have been a good start to the summer.

Their handling of Ross Taylor can only be described as deplorable.

David White, in spite of his protestations, and Mike Hesson have rated one out of 10 in management skills. Martin Crowe has walked away from this fiasco and the silence from previous administrators, coaches and top players is noticeable.

Ross Taylor has copped all the flack from New Zealand cricket management.

What hasn't been discussed is the repeated failure of many players in the side, their collective attitude to the game and the failure of coach Hesson to instil some basic skills that are still sadly lacking.


Team members have been told not to comment but I'm sure we would like to know what level of support Taylor has from his team.

Very little, I suspect.

There is a distinct possibility the Black Caps will be given a drubbing in South Africa.

How much blame will be shouldered by Hesson, White or the new captain McCullum now that Taylor is not touring?

There will no doubt be the usual guff about  how much has been learnt from the losses.

The Southland Times