Old boat has reberth in park pond

20:44, Jan 23 2014
PARKED UP: Putting the final touches on the installation of a 110-year-old boat in the Queens Park Winter Gardens.

It may be an old boat, but it has a new home.

A 110-year-boat made its final voyage to Queens Park yesterday before being installed in its home in the gardens.

The Winter Gardens' pond in the park has become the final resting place for the four-metre-long boat, which had been lying in a Ryal Bush paddock.

Invercargill City Council parks manager Robin Pagan said the department had acquired the boat and commissioned Invercargill sculptor Frank Wells to restore it.

Wells said he stripped back the boat and sanded and oiled it before helping the department position it in the park.

Mr Pagan said it took a couple of hours to get the boat into the pond on Wednesday.


It was an impressive feature, he said. It was extra special because it was made out of kauri in the early 1900s and survived so long.

The restoration of the pond started last year with the removal of an old palm tree that had been the central feature since the 1950s.

"There hadn't been a lot of change to the area since then."

While the boat was in place, there were still flowers around the edges to be replanted and water connected so it trickled over the boat, Mr Pagan said.


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