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End of a very good alliance

grant cuff Grant Cuff will soon bid a quiet farewell to red-meat processor and exporter Alliance Group.

Maori tourism interest

Story-telling Queenstown had better brush-up on its local legends if it wants to help meet tourism targets.

Lorneville stock sale

Sheep Firm demand occurred for a medium yarding of prime sheep at Lorneville, with prices on a par with last week's rates.

Tax much more than raising revenue

Taxing Times Why do governments impose tax? The following draws on an article by Richard Murphy, of UK Tax Research, on why it is necessary for governments to impose taxes.

Tribunal censures estate agent

NZ house, real estate, property A prominent Queenstown real estate agent has been censured for unsatisfactory conduct.

NZX50 5,118.050 arrow -49.939 -0.98%
ASX200 5,556.370 arrow -76.500 -1.40%
DOW 16,563.300 arrow -317.100 -1.90%
NASDAQ 4,369.770 arrow -93.100 -2.10%
FTSE 6,730.110 arrow -43.300 -0.60%
NIKKEI 15,523.110 arrow -97.700 -0.60%
H-SENG 24,532.430 arrow -224.400 -0.90%

NZX50 20 min delay, others last close

Indices Top Movers Currencies
LPC 4.100 arrow 0.800 24.24%
VML 0.012 arrow 0.002 20.00%
PPL 0.410 arrow 0.040 10.81%
NWF 0.055 arrow 0.005 10.00%
CGF 0.130 arrow -0.010 -7.14%
MCK 1.200 arrow -0.070 -5.51%
CRP 0.220 arrow -0.010 -4.35%

Price as at 6:50 pm, 1 Aug

Indices Top Movers Currencies
Australian Dollar 0.914
Euro 0.633
British Pound 0.504
Hong Kong Dollar 6.571
Japanese Yen 87.270
Singapore Dollar 1.059
US Dollar 0.848

Price as at 12:10 am, 2 Aug

No parole for Petricevic

Rod Petricevic Jailed finance company fraudster poses an "undue risk to the safety of the community".

Scam targets Auckland immigrants

Victims told they'll get a "good citizen tax refund" if they make a payment to an overseas bank account.

'Iconic slice of NZ' sold

Dream property now nightmare