Ex-boss to take on Trade Me

20:22, Jun 04 2014

An online real estate boss plans to take on a rival business - that just happens to be his former employer.

Realestate.co.nz chief executive Brendon Skipper was the former head of Trade Me Property for eight years.

Skipper, was appointed to Realestate.co.nz late last year but formally took up his position three months ago.

The company provides websites targeted to provide listings across the main categories of real estate, including commercial, businesses and farming properties.

Skipper met Southland Real Estate Agents in Invercargill yesterday to reveal plans for the online company. He plans to start with a website overhaul and a marketing strategy, which resulted after being told the business was not doing enough for the public.

Realestate.co.nz traffic growth had increased more than 50 per cent in the past 12 months. Trade Me had dropped by almost 4 per cent for the same period, he said.


Southland traffic to Realestate.co.nz had increased by 76 per cent since October last year, with more than 330,000 page views every month.

Although the human factor of the real estate business would never go away, he stressed the importance of a property app, which was the reason behind most growth in the business.

"People are coming to open homes armed with more information than ever and can test you [real estate agents] at any time on price."

This would be a core of development in the business, he said.

Southland real estate agents were key to the success because they were talking to the relevant people in the market place.

Some Southland real estate agents who attended said they had stopped listing with Trade Me after it changed its billing process from bulk to individual bills, which had increased costs.

The Southland Times