Changes within firm strengthen China link

22:45, Jun 16 2014

Invercargill business Prime Range Meats has a new director and shareholder.

The Companies Office shows Lianhua Trading Group Ltd is the new shareholder, with 24.9 per cent of shares.

Director Ma Yong Sheng is now a director of Prime Range Meats.

According to the Companies Office, Ma Yong Sheng has an address at Murrays Bay, Auckland.

Lianhua Trading Group is owned by Shenzhen Lianhua Enterprise Development Ltd, which has an address in China.

Other Prime Range Meats directors and shareholders are Anthony Forde (37.55 per cent) and Ian Tulloch (37.55 per cent).

Forde said the new shareholder had links to distribution in China and his company was developing like other meat processors in the region.

"We see this as an opportunity to establish a presence in China, which, unlike other meat processors, we did not have until now."


The Southland Times