Lorneville stock sale

21:54, Jun 17 2014

Firm demand occurred for a medium yarding of prime sheep and a small yarding of cattle at this week's Lorneville sale.

Prime sheep
Lambs: Heavy $110-$125, medium $92-$105, light $85-$90. Two-tooths: Good quality $86-$92, medium $75. Woolly ewes: Heavy $90-$100, medium $70-$87, light $50-$67. Lower condition ewes: $40-$44. Local trade rams: Heavy $50-$56.

Store sheep
Woolly store lambs: Top $80-$88, medium $70-$78, light $60-$68. Tail end lambs: $40-$50.

Prime cattle
Steers: Good condition, 500-700kg, $2-$2.10; medium condition, 450-500kg, $1.80-$1.90. Heifers: Beef good condition, 450-500kg, $1.90-$2; beef medium condition, 420-450kg, $1.70-$1.90. Cows: Medium condition 550kg, $1.12.

Store cattle
Charolais cross: Medium condition steers, 360-470kg, $600-$930. Devon cross: Medium condition heifers, 339kg, $600. Friesian: Medium condition bulls, 329kg, $520; medium condition steers, 440-450kg, $800-$830.


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