Long-time city barber trims back his hours

00:33, Jul 09 2014
peter hair
HAIR TODAY: Long-time Invercargill barber Peter Hair has sold his shop and is off on semi-retirement.

One of Invercargill's longest-standing barbers is cutting back on a career that's spanned five decades.

Peter Hair has been proprietor of Close Clip Saloon for more than 20 years but he's been in the business of cutting hair for a lot longer.

With a surname like Hair and a family history in the industry, he really had no say in the matter, he quipped. He did his first haircut at 13, and now, 50 years later he's selling the shop and reducing his hours.

Long-time customers never fear - he's not hanging up his clippers for good just yet.

"It's more of a semi-retirement. I'll still work here, just not the same long hours," he said.

The business was bought by employee Miriama Stiles who, as of last week, runs the shop with partner Stuart.


Hair said he approached her about three months ago on the possibility of selling the business. To his delight, she decided to take it on, he said.

During the years he had seen a lot of changes in the industry, from stricter health and safety requirements, to the ever evolving hairstyle trends.

His favorite times where when the Beatles were big, he said. "People would come in and say ‘I want to look like Ringo Star'."

Though standing on your feet for more than 50 years does take its toll - his shoulders are "buggered".

He's also had more discussions on rugby, racing and politics than probably any other person in Invercargill. "They're always the popular topics."

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