Call for old phones

19:10, Aug 02 2012
Vince Vangergoes
CELLPHONE RECYCLING: Telecom employee Vince Vandergoes with some of the old network cellphones that have been handed over for recycling, as Telecom switches to the XT network.

Southland Telecom users are being reminded to take old phones to Telecom shops in Invercargill and Gore.

Invercargill store manager Lindsay Wills said since Telecom announced last year the CDMA network would be closing this week, and users could move to XT, the response had been positive, with customers bringing in phones to be given to charity.

Pre-closure announcements had been made this year so customers would be aware of the network changes.

"Of course not everyone embraces change in the same way but we are going all out to make the switch to XT as seamless as possible if they choose it," Mr Wills said.

If customers made the transition to XT or another network, they could take their old CDMA phone to the Telecom store to be recycled.

Proceeds would be given to Starship children's hospital and help pay for services such as the Starship National Air Ambulance Service.

The CDMA network was closed so Telecom, which has invested more than $1.6 million in XT in Southland, could focus more on the network.

CDMA customers will no longer be able to access their voice mailbox.

While the prepaid balance has expired, customers with a high prepaid credit balance can contact Telecom to discuss a refund until October 31.


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