Tiwai announces plans

00:09, Oct 17 2012

The New Zealand Aluminium Smelters today announced it had finalised its proposal to streamline operations.

The smelter will resize its business by the end of next month.

In August last year the company announced plans to reduce jobs by 100 roles during five years through natural attrition. To date, the smelter has reduced 35 of the 100 roles.

Because of deteriorating economic conditions, the smelter will now complete the organisational restructure by the end of next month.

Consultation with staff included voluntary redundancies, redeployment to other roles and forced redundancies, if necessary.

Smelter general manager Ryan Cavanagh, in a statement said: "We have been consulting with our employees since September's initial restructuring announcement. Part of the consultation process included inviting and considering feedback. This has been a very important part of the process and has now been completed."


Engineering Print Manfacturing Union Southland organiser Trevor Hobbs said as far as he was aware consultation with workers had not finished.

Did you know?

● New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited (NZAS) is New Zealand's only aluminium smelter and is located on Tiwai Peninsula, across the harbour from Bluff.

● Annual production in 2011: 354,029 tonnes NZAS contributes $525 million to the Southland economy annually (9 per cent of Southland's GDP) and supports more than 3200 direct and indirect jobs in Southland.

● In 2011, NZAS made $391 million in payments to New Zealand suppliers, including $51 million to suppliers in Southland.

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