Lion NZ buys Emerson's shares

Lion NZ has bought 100% shares in Dunedin-based craft beer company Emerson's.

In a statement released today, the shareholding will take effect on November 30.

Emerson's will remain as a standalone business unit.

Brewery founder Richard Emerson said: "It is business as usual for Emerson's - the taste, integrity to style, quality and consistency of our beers will remain the same. Lion's ownership allows us to continue doing what we do well -experimenting and brewing great beer. We will now have the backing to help us to realise our growth aspirations."

Lion NZ managing director Rory Glass said Emerson's complements its existing beer portfolio.

Richard Emerson, General Manager Bob King and Brewing Manager Chris O'Leary will retain the day-to-day running of the Emerson's operations and all other roles within the Emerson's business will remain unchanged.

The Southland Times