Dunedin hotel 'would fail basic tests'

22:05, Dec 05 2012

A proposed Dunedin skyscraper hotel and apartments would fail basic tests measuring adverse effects of resource consent applications, a consent hearings committee was told yesterday.

Betterways Advisory Ltd has applied for resource consent for the 27-storey hotel and apartment development on industrial land on the city's waterfront.

The company has spent the first day and a half of the hearing, which began on Monday, putting its submissions to the hearing panel commissioner John Lumsden, and members Crs Colin Weatherall, Andrew Noone and Kate Wilson.

Yesterday a representative for neighbouring property owner Capri Enterprises, Christchurch lawyer John Hardie, said the proposal failed the basics of the Resource Management Act. Firstly, adverse effects of the activity on the environment had to be no more than minor. Secondly, the activity should not be contrary to the objectives and policies of the [Dunedin City Council District] Plan, the hearing was told.

Hardie said the proposal breached the plan in relation to rules for industrial zoning.


The Southland Times