Businesses get direct link to Chch rebuild

21:56, Jan 17 2013

A Southland-based project assisting with the Christchurch rebuild was given a boost yesterday when a business capability database was launched.

The Southland Supply Initiative's business capability database lists Southland-based project managers and contractors seeking to provide services in Christchurch.

They will then be partnered with Christchurch stakeholders for business opportunities.

More than 200 Southland businesses have committed to the initiative, which will result in labour and services from the region directed to Christchurch but at the same time remain based in the south.

However, they had been waiting on organisers at Venture Southland and on Canterbury organisations to finalise plans for the initiative.

Venture Southland chief executive Paul Casson said the database would help the collaboration between the regions and put year-long plans into action.


The online portal has company information and allowed additional businesses to register interest to become involved in the project, he said.

The initiative was also open to businesses in Central Otago and Queenstown-Lakes District, he said.

Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce chief executive Peter Townsend said the initiative had started informally but now Southland and Christchurch-based companies could properly collaborate using the database.

The initiative was not mainstream in Christchurch but now it would be promoted to the relevant people, organisations and businesses in Canterbury, Mr Townsend said.

There had been a delay because businesses were unsure what resources and outside assistance would be required.

Southland construction workers had been arriving on his doorstep to help but the initiative was a much better way to organise things, he said.

"The people of Christchurch will unlock the doors to economic opportunities and collaborate with their Southland partners."

Business interested in taking part can check out this website.

The Southland Times