South Island visitor numbers drop

21:29, Jan 17 2013
Accommodation nights
ZIGZAG: Accommodation bottom lines fluctuated from October to December. Guest nights fell significantly in November.

Guest nights in accommodation ranging from holiday parks to five-star hotels fell sharply in November following an October spike, Statistics New Zealand figures show.

The greater South Island led the plunge, falling 6.8 per cent in November compared with October.

October was a good visitor month with a 4.7 per cent rise from September. The pre-Christmas zigzag effect on accommodation bottom lines prompted Statistics New Zealand's industry and labour statistics manager, Blair Cardno, to single out the South Island. "New Zealand guest nights were down in November, driven by a decrease in South Island guest nights," he said.

Overall monthly movements, after removing seasonal variation, showed New Zealand guest nights falling 2.7 per cent, following a rise of 4.1 per cent in October. During this time, international guest nights fell 3 per cent and domestic guest nights fell 1.5 per cent.

North Island guest nights rose 0.4 per cent, and South Island guest nights fell 6.8 per cent, leading to overall guest nights for all accommodation types falling.

The national trend for guest nights had been rising since April 2012. The trend for South Island guest nights has been flat for more than a year, while the North Island guest nights trend has been slowly rising for the past six months.

Statistics New Zealand's accommodation survey records guests staying in hotels, motels, backpackers and holiday parks in New Zealand each month.


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