Glengarry a great spot to be based

19:45, Feb 03 2013
Southland Times photo
Jo Cockroft sits in front of her new dog grooming business in Glengarry with her three dogs.

A Glengarry businesswoman who opened her new shop in the suburb, is encouraging other entrepreneurs and business owners to follow suit. 

Cheap rent, a friendly community, a new bus stop and lots of foot traffic have helped Invercargill woman Jo Cockroft set up a new dog grooming enterprise in the heart of Glengarry five months ago. And she would like to see others give it a go.

The colourful shop now called used to be empty, with old curtains and orange paint. It has had a makeover with customers now greeted by wagging tails and wet noses.

Choosing the former butcher's shop as her new premises was an easy decision for Miss Cockroft, who trawled around a number of properties before deciding on the Glengarry Shopping Centre site.

"It's got potential and quality shops."

She has not looked back, with a waiting list of customers before she opened. There is a good customer base and said things were looking good for the business.


She admits she took a risk, with about 12 other dog groomers in Invercargill, but saw the potential in Glengarry and the business, she said.

She had been welcomed by other shopkeepers, who had been supportive and helpful, but she hoped more would be attracted to the area.

"They are really trying to get the shops full to bring people in."

There was a great sense of community in the area and lots of visitors who attended the church and monthly markets. She just hoped more people would make the most of what the area had to offer.

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