Serpent on ice for new year

18:54, Feb 05 2013
Victor Cagayat
COOL CARVING: Auckland ice sculptor Victor Cagayat with his latest creation, a 2-metre serpent celebrating the coming of the Chinese year of the snake in Queenstown.

A Filipino sculptor's latest creation, a 2-metre ice serpent sculpted to celebrate the ushering in of the Chinese new year has been completed in a Queenstown bar.

Future Bars operations manager Jason Whalley, who commissioned Victor Cagayat to complete the sculpture in the Minus Five Ice Bar, said it was a simple way to acknowledge the growing number of Chinese visitors to the southern resort.

"There's so many good reasons to do something like this, and marking the Chinese new year on Sunday seems like a great thing to do," he said.

Mr Whalley would be putting the word out among hotel concierges and tourism contacts to tell Chinese visitors about the sculpture.

"We've obviously created the sculpture for our customers, but also to celebrate a significant cultural occasion, so the more people who get to come and enjoy it and are able to share in its creation, the better, we reckon."

While Mr Cagayat flew from Auckland for the commission, the ice was brought from Christchurch.

"It's also good to remind people that there's a lot more to Queenstown than just the summer market, and if we can reinforce that the winter months here mean fun on the slopes, we could earn ourselves some return visitors for winter," Mr Whalley said.


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