Trade Me site feature launch 'chaos'

21:36, Feb 26 2013

Trade Me members were left fuming yesterday after the company appeared to bungle the launch of a feature designed to make it easier for traders to sell new goods.

Some traders said it was "utter chaos" and "a nightmare".

The company's community message board was flooded with complaints from sellers who said they could not see details of completed trades or re-listed auctions.

Despite the problems, Trade Me shares leapt 5.9 per cent to close at a new record high of $4.70.

Trade Me spokesman Jeff Hunkin acknowledged there had been a "couple of issues that caused some confusion", but said they had been largely fixed by late yesterday afternoon.

Any outstanding issues were "cosmetic ones" affecting a small number of members which Trade Me would work "around the clock" to resolve, he said.


Earlier, buyers found their "won" and "lost" auction lists clogged with details of previously deleted trades which they could not expunge.

One described the situation as "utter chaos".

Another said they had received two emails from buyers "grumpy" because they either could not make payments or could not send their delivery addresses.

"I thought I was going completely bonkers this morning when not one of the last 10 trades matched numbers paid into my account," said a third Trade Me customer.

"What a nightmare."

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