Rationale for job cuts remains under wraps

18:45, Apr 03 2013

A draft Queenstown Lakes District Council organisational review that will result in job losses would not be made public, chief executive Adam Feeley said yesterday.

The 300-page report was presented to over 200 council staff on Tuesday.

It is understood that several management positions have been disestablished and many staff will be reapplying for their positions.

Mr Feeley said that despite considerable public interest he would not publish the report.

"No one is actually affected by this report other than staff," he said.

"Also, the report may and, in my experience, will probably change from the draft version to the final version as a result of the consultation. They tend not to change radically but there's every possibility that there will be some material changes in it."


He was also not prepared to discuss details within the report except to say it was focused on doing things better and faster and at less cost.

"And less cost in part will be fewer people."

It would be made public after staff had been informed of final decisions on April 30.

"I want people to see it. I want them to see there's been a lot of analysis. I want people to see the reasoning behind the decisions. People need to see the whole story."

The Southland Times