Port benefits trust, RSA

17:05, Jun 26 2013
Aaron Horrell
Riversdale returned serviceman Aaron Horrell, right, with John Harrington.

Riversdale returned serviceman Aaron Horrell presented the first of an anticipated many cheques to the New Zealand Fallen Heroes Trust after his grog's successful debut on RSA and bottle store liquor shelves.

After coming on the market just in time for duck hunting, Grunts' Grog - New Zealand's first dedicated infantry port - made its mark on local markets and Horrell was this month able to present a cheque for $1200 to the trust.

The trust and RSA get 25 per cent of the grog's proceeds.

''Word is spreading about this product and what it stands for, helping it become more popular throughout New Zealand,'' Mr Horrell said.

''We hope to be able to present cheques like this to the trust and the RSA on a regular basis with the help of the public getting behind the two great causes.''

Southland had really backed the idea with Waikaia in particular having a steady flow of customers, he said.


That was due to the strong ties the port had with the area.

''The idea for it was born in the hills around there.'' 

With duck hunting season drawing to a close next month, Mr Horrell hoped the strong sales would continue. 

''With people still buying the bottle we are able to contribute regularly to the trust. It's our company's way of giving something back to the families.''There are many cold nights ahead and what better way to warm up the body than to have a good old port.''