Flyboarding proposal considered

23:23, Aug 13 2013
A flyboarder in action on Lake Wakatipu. Flyboarding uses jet outlets to blast users into the air

A business idea to blast tourists into the air above Lake Wakatipu hasn't taken off quite yet.

Queenstown Lakes District councillors agreed yesterday to notify a licence application for Queenstown Flyboard to occupy a site in St Omer park, subject to resource consent and other requirements.

The firm, which is not listed with the New Zealand Companies Office, wants to run the first Queenstown flyboard business.

Flyboarding utilises jet outlets attached to a user's arms and legs and powered by a jet ski to blast people upwards. Boarders can perform moves, diving into the water and out again.

Operations manager Ruth Stokes' report said the council was able to approve commercial activities under the reserve management plan and recommended issuing a one-year licence to evaluate the impact on the park.

Several councillors were concerned about potential noise and whether the council should notify the proposal.

Councillor Cath Gilmour disagreed that flyboarding was covered as an activity under the district reserve management plan. "It looks fantastic fun but do we have the right to say yes with no questions asked or should we properly put it out [to consultation]?"

Cr Lex Perkins said St Omer was one of the few parks left that did not have prolific tourist activity.

Queenstown Flyboard proposes using a small site on the foreshore for ticket sales and a gazebo for people to change into wetsuits. The firm wants to run one or two flyboards during summer from 9am to 8pm, seven days a week.


The Southland Times