Pioneers apply for bungy consent

20:35, Aug 27 2013

Tourism heavyweights in Queenstown have begun bids for a new bungy-jump attraction and extended commercial tours in the back country through Branches Station.

HAT - run by tourism pioneers Andrew Brinsley, Mike Davies, A J Hackett co-founder Henry van Asch and John Ward - has applied to the Queenstown Lakes District Council to operate bungy jumping from Tucker's Beach.

The company sought a similar consent in 2008 but the plan was shelved amid objections and an Environment Court hearing for a 185-metre-high bungy operation near the western end of Tucker Beach Rd.

In the new application, the directors sought a new compliance certificate and said the site was a steeply sided valley between Sugar Loaf hill and another hill known as "K No 2".

Tourists and jumpmasters would ascend to platforms using "bungy cars" running up and down on cables.

Customers are attached to a cable and, when their bungy car reaches jump height, they leap out at heights of between 40 and 185 metres.


Meanwhile, Branches Station has applied to renew a consent for visitor accommodation, commercial recreation and aircraft landings.

Consents were granted in 2007 for commercial and associated activities and a recreational permit was granted in 2011.

The station, run by a consortium and covering 33,000 hectares, is seeking a new concession for activities that extend into land administered by the Department of Conservation.

Branches land includes pastoral lease, special lease land and Crown land and the station is bordered by the Richardson Mountains and Mt Aspiring National Park.

Any effects were considered minor and anyone potentially affected by the proposal had provided written approval.

The Southland Times