Business gifts: from ordinary to odd

Last updated 10:53 25/12/2013

FOR ME? More than three quarters of business say gifts are part of their incentive programme, with offerings ranging from the boring to the spectacularly odd.

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The tradition of giving business gifts is alive and well, although some of the items given to clients and employees are more likely to bewilder than bedazzle.

International office space provider Regus says business gifting is on the rise, with 77 per cent of respondents to a survey said business gifts are part of their incentive programmes this year, compared to less than 64 per cent last year.

They range from the ordinary and obvious to the peculiar and outright odd.

Weird or wonderful gifts presented to New Zealand businesspeople include an empty tool kit, McDonald's vouchers, an interpretive dance, and a donation of a pig to a tribe in Papua New Guinea. The most common gifts range from first aid kits to key chains.

Regus New Zealand country manager Nick Bradshaw said business gifts could help build relationships, and the choice of gift could have a reflection on the giver. "Thinking outside the box might just help make you stand out."

TOP 5 Strangest gifts (NZ)

A pair of salvage overalls

Cleaning goods

Live mud crabs

An oil painting by a company chief executive


Strangest gifts (world)

A shrunken head

A dead cat

Food-shaped ear-plugs

Antacid medicine

A set of nail clippers

Source: Regus. Based on a survey of 26,000 respondents from 90 countries.

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