Data surge in Wanaka

Issues for Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago Telecom customers are easing and the company says it won't happen again.

For the past week widespread problems arose because of a large increase in mobile data consumption and those trying to use their mobile devices experienced dropped calls, delayed messaging and difficulties connecting to the internet.

Telecom communications manager Holly Wilkinson said this year wiped the floor with our expectations (of data usage).

It expected at least three times ''business as usual in Wanaka'' but it was more like a 600 per cent increase, she said. 

''Unfortunately, this occurred despite our detailed preparation, which included increasing network capacity in the Queenstown Lakes area, including Wanaka, ahead of what we knew would be a surge in demand. We have taken steps to immediately apply additional capacity to the central exchange server in Wanaka township for any future spikes in mobile usage. ''

''This will be in place within the next two weeks, in good time for high profile upcoming events such as the Challenge Wanaka triathlon.'' 

Wanaka was marred with connection problems last New Year's and again at Challenge Wanaka, and afterwards Vodafone beefed up its network.

Vodafone customers were not reporting any problems with the network this year and a rush on Vodafone Sim cards had been reported.

The music festival Rhythm and Alps was believed to account for a large chunk of the strain on Telecom's network.


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