Flower exports set for grow

European investors of a Southland-based company have been granted consent to acquire more land to grow tulips and peonies.

According to Land Information New Zealand, an overseas investment was granted to Triflor NZ on December 6.

The investment was for a $2.7 million freehold interest in about 60 hectares of land at Tramway Road East, Edendale.

The land was acquired to grow and export tulip bulbs and peonies and associated floriculture activities. Bulbs are grown for export to the United States and Netherlands.

The four investors from the Netherlands are Gerardus Franciscus Hageman (26.6667 per cent), Judith Maria van Dam (26.6666 per cent), Hendrikus Maria van Dam (26.6666 per cent), Semke David Jan Gerben Riepstra (20 per cent). The vendor was Wairau Agribusiness Investment Ltd New Zealand.

According to the Companies Office, Semke David Jan Gerben Riepstra and Hendrikus Maria van Dam are two of the three directors of the company.

The third director is Lee McAuslan of Outram. Triflor has been operating here for 20 years and was established in Edendale about 13 years ago.

The Southland Times