Overalls a saviour for designer's business

22:28, Mar 19 2014
Southland Times photo
Invercargill fashion designer Warwick Woodfield is closing his store to work on his new venture - overalls.

It may be the end of women's fashion for Warwick Woodfield but he has not given up on the clothing business.

His new venture is workwear, specifically overalls, which he delivers personally all over Southland.

Mr Woodfield said the Invercargill store was closing because it was no longer economically viable.

"If we had kept trading well enough there was no way we would have closed," he said.

Mr Woodfield said out of desperation he thought he could make overalls to bridge the gap and keep his fashion business alive but he found there was a real demand for his product.

"This isn't just a bridge to gap, this is a real business," he said.


Overs were $10 cheaper than products other companies were selling, durable, locally made and delivered to your door, he said.

Mr Woodfield's overalls were taking him all over rural Southland and his business has been revived economically.

"The business is back alive and I've got my joy back, it's funny to think overalls can give us that," he said.

Warwick Woodfield Ltd had been open for six years providing locally designed and made women's fashion.

Mr Woodfield said he wanted to thank everyone who had supported him over the years.

"I've enjoyed everyone I've met."


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