Tattoo artists love new life

Holyskin Tattoo owners Alex and Goldy Stephenson.
Holyskin Tattoo owners Alex and Goldy Stephenson.

Wanaka's very own tattoo parlour has opened.

Holy Skin Tattoo owners Alex and Goldy Stephenson decided to relocate to Wanaka to open the studio and live out a dream they shared.

The couple have been involved in tattoo studios across the world.

Goldy specialises in niche hand tattooing, where tattoos were poked in dot by dot, and was one of three people in New Zealand who offered the art.

She was ''blessed'' to have been taught the art by a hand tattooist in the United Kingdom.

She also does white tattoo.

Alex, who has an obvious love for the art, got his first tattoo when he was 17.

''It was kind of to test the pain,'' he said.

Goldy said she tattooed her first tattoo herself, a blue dot on her foot, when she was 10-years-old and got her first professional tattoo when she was 13.

''I've just always wanted to be a tattooist from when I was seven years old. I was blown away that a tattoo was permanent and did not wash off,'' she said.

The studio, based in the Pembroke Mall, has been open about six weeks and business had been going well, Alex said.

''Our reputation is growing.'' 

A lot of business was generated by locals and Alex said many of his clients that would travel to Queenstown for tattoos, did not have to go so far now.

''We had a lot of really good support from the community. We are really enjoying being in Wanaka,'' Goldy said.

''Everything we love is in this shop,'' Alex said.

''We've poured everything into it,'' Goldy said.


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