Southern protest against TPPA

23:51, Mar 30 2014
Southland Times photo
Matthew Bowes at a protest rally in Invercargill.

Matthew Bowes drums up support at a protest rally in Invercargill on Saturday.

About 40 people attended the rally at Wachner Place, with protesters rallying against the New Zealand government's Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations.

The TPPA, as it is known, is a proposed trade agreement under negotiation between 12 Asia and Pacific- rim countries, including New Zealand and the United States.

Government ministers have repeatedly said the deal will be beneficial to the New Zealand economy by opening up trade opportunities.

But Bowes said the protesters believed the agreement would be detrimental to New Zealand in a raft of ways, including adversely affecting business, the environment and the cost of health care.

They wanted the government to bring the discussions into the open and tell the public where the benefits would come from, he said.



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