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Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman rubbishes calls to stand down over ASB Theatre

Alistair Sowman says personal attacks in the theatre debate are shameful.

Ikea importers say Malm drawers safe if attached to wall

Ikea is recalling millions of drawers in the US and Canada after children die, but you can still buy the furniture in New Zealand.

'Marlburian welcome' gets a revamp with new entrance signage

Mayor says new welcome signs, a year in the making, are "worth waiting for".

Christchurch Ravensdown factory electric shock victim dies in hospital

A man who suffered serious burns after an electric shock at a Christchurch factory has died in hospital.

Two-year drought runs long time farmer off his land

"'Day in and day out all you think and talk about is the weather. It can be pretty depressing."

International hotel brand Wyndham adds to NZ portfolio

A new $50m hotel is destined in Auckland's CBD.

Smoke alarm and insulation regulations for rentals will lead to rent rises, landlords say

Kiwis face $15-a-week hike as landlords adjust to laws requiring properties to be insulated within three years.

ERA awards Auckland transgender woman $20K for unfair dismissal

Transgender woman awarded nearly $20,000 but doesn't expect to see the money.

Retailers aggrieved over Goverment's delay on GST for small imports

Government shelves decision on lowering the $400 threshold for GST on imports.

Super high-speed Bentley add filmed in Australia falls foul of country's advertising standards

It didn't break the speed limit, but it did break the rules.

Asparagus grading technology company wins $4.1 million in copyright case

Maker of the original asparagus grader has won a lengthy copyright battle with competitors.

A dog's best friend - Geoff Bowers' journey from SAS to dog centre owner

When former British special forces sergeant Geoff Bowers joined the police, he was given two choices: guns or dogs.

Wellington must prepare for the tourism boom to end all tourist booms

OPINION: Wellington needs to prepare for the tourist boom to end all tourist booms.

New Zealand Nature relocating to Auckland

Nelson online store New Zealand Nature is moving to Auckland.

InternetNZ encourages broadband shoppers to look under the hood

Price not the only factor consumers may want to consider when choosing an ISP, says InternetNZ.

Lumbercube to close Rotorua timber mill - about 80 jobs on the chopping block

Staff shocker after timber mill closure, told to go home.

A$5 million wine missing, feared stolen

It's the mystery of the missing Grange - millions of dollars worth of Australia's prestige wines vanish.

Drought declared until end of year in eastern South Island

Eastern South Island gets extra $88,000 as region reels from impact of second year without significant rain.

Marlborough Wine Estates lists on NXT

The company is listing with a focus on growing in the Chinese market.

Hawke's Bay beef jerky treet proves winning business

Four Hawke's Bay students are turning their love for dogs into a business.

IRD urged to lift veil of secrecy over big company tax

"There is massive public interest in understanding what Facebook, Vodafone and Google are doing."

'Grey' used imports to test Toyota NZ's recall repairs

Toyota relying on some owners and the NZTA to ensure they reach all vehicles involved in the recall of nearly 37,000.

Top scientists urge Greenpeace to drop GM, Golden Rice campaign

Over 100 Nobel laureates urge Greenpeace to stop opposing genetically modified organisms.

FIRST Union taking supermarket owners to ERA for better wages

Are South Island supermarket workers worth $2 less? A union says Foodstuffs thinks so.

CO winery boosts export reach with NZ Trade and Enterprise help

Archangel Wines had an ambitious, but simple goal when it was established in 2003 - to produce the best wine possible.

Kaitangata: Little rural town's big incentive to attract city-dwellers

Settlers wanted: It reads like an advertisement out of the 19th century. But it's a modern-day offer.

Sky TV customers won't be forced on to Vodafone, companies tell regulator

2degrees not yet backing away from concerns over mega-merger.

Facebook news feed changes to rank posts from friends and family above 'liked' pages

"People are still worried about missing important updates from the friends they care about."

Godfather of legal highs Matt Bowden moves to Thailand, leaves creditors in limbo

Matt Bowden is now residing in Thailand, while liquidators scramble to find $3.56 million to pay his creditors.

Stonewood Homes use Wellington Lions to show company 'alive and well'

Months after being dumped by Wellington City Council, the Wellington Lions have found a financial backer.

Dual-key apartments sell like hot cakes

Live in one, rent out the other - dual-key apartments offer more bang for your buck.

Coming months may be tough going for sharemarket but downturn won't last

OPINION: You'll do well if you have the courage to stick out some ups and downs over the coming months.

Stuff is turning 16, and so is Ben

As Stuff turns 16, we look at how NZ has changed since 2000 and where someone else born the same day is now.

New era for Lotus in New Zealand and Australia

British sports car brand changes distribution hands and revises line-up for Australia and New Zealand.

Woman loses ERA case claiming '$5 Pom' comment racial harassment

A boss's comment to a worker about the British was inappropriate but not racial harassment, the ERA rules

Combined effort to boost Manawatu's migrant workforce

Vision Manawatu and Immigration New Zealand team up to attract migrants.

Fellow Christchurch developer goes into bat for $50m McKenzie and Willis development

Neighbour goes into bat for $50m McKenzie and Willis development, calling "knee-jerk" court action bad for city.

Pattrick Smellie: Politics in an age of deep uncertainty

OPINION: What's the bet that in a few months' time, the only people who care about Brexit are the Poms?

Crown goes it alone on Christchurch Convention Centre after breakdown

Work will start on Christchurch's new convention centre in October after the collapse of a Government-private sector deal.

New global help desk for technology sector could create 300 jobs in Wellington

Wellington beats Aussie cities to attract global outsourcing group, which could create 300 jobs.

Waikato pushes for water council-controlled organisation, waits for friends to join the party

 Negotiations show councils are prepared to work together on major water shake up.

New Zealand team teaches Afghan villagers to manage their own electricity

New Zealand energy experts are teaching locals in Afghanistan to run their own energy systems.

Marlborough Civic Theatre Trust wants more council support for performing arts

Theatre trust says its operating grant pales in comparison to that of the sports stadium.

Kiwis caught up in Ikea funiture recall after six children crushed

The Warehouse contacts Kiwi customers who bought furniture recalled after deaths of 6 children.

Whanganui tops first-home affordability ratings

A new study has revealed the parts of NZ where it's easiest to buy your first home.

Laura Ashley closes NZ stores, owes creditors $2.3m

The brand has shut down its NZ operations after 20 years in business, owing more than $2.3 million.

Support for Holy Cow dairy business after devastating Tb test

Customers and local farmers rallied to help The Holy Cow dairy business after a devastating positive Tb test.

Canterbury's G & E Dental investigated over staff treatment

Several former employees have raised concerns, with some reaching confidential settlements.

Brexit: An opportunity for a more united, integrated Europe? Or coping with the unexpected?

OPINION: Brexit could help make integration easier, but I fear European leaders will use it to create more division.

Marlborough dairy farmer Phillip Woolley seeks to retain farms

Marlborough dairy farmer hopes to retain four farms in a refinancing deal.
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