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Last-ditch plea to US Congress to adopt landmark TPPA deal

Rejecting the landmark trade deal would hurt US credibility, Secretary of State John Kerry told Congress.

'Naive' investors claim $650,000 lost to suspected Ponzi

An investigation into a Christchurch man is said to have found hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme.

Nelson forestry contractors frustrated over spate of thefts

"If I stole $10,000 worth of shoes it'd make headline news. We lose a $25,000 grapple and the police don't mention it."

Chinese buy property, not holidays

Why are the Chinese property winners? Because they're more focused, says real estate agent.

Fatal Fox Glacier crash company gets permission to fly again

The helicopter firm involved in a fatal crash has had its air operating certificate reinstated.

Pattrick Smellie: Reality check on globalisation’s impact

OPINION: It turns out the the impact of globalisation on the middle classes has not been as severe as previously thought.

Tourism organisations using phone tracking information to gather event data

Part of the crowd at a large event? Chances are you're being tracked.

New World Little Garden full set fetches $210

One person has paid $210 for a set of plants worth $42.

Concerns raised about Christchurch convention centre deal months before partnership broke down

Exit plans in play months before convention centre partnership breakdown.

Piece of New Plymouth's hospitality history up for sale

Tom Cruise, Billy Connolly and Penelope Cuz all drank at this Taranaki watering hole. Now it's for sale.

Wellington City Council boss: 'the paper trail is the contract'

Government auditor asked to investigate as Wellington CEO claims paper trail "is the contract itself".

Women hit glass ceiling early as men promoted faster

For every 100 women who get promoted from entry-level positions, 130 men advance.

Top of the South cray proposals planned to stop recreational 'rat bags'

Changes to crayfishing at the top of the South Island are aimed at stopping recreational "rat bags" from ruining it for all.

Real-world benefits of gigabit broadband may start off small

Ultrafast broadband is here, but speed hike of 'no interest' to consumers says testing company.

Port Otago delivers healthy dividend to region

Port Otago's property income and rising values offset slightly lower cargo volume.

Coffee prices could increase due to drought in Brazil

Coffee prices could increase due to drought in Brazil but there are far greater cost variables to worry about, coffee association says.

Gastro outbreak investigation to cost HB Regional Council $378,000

Regional council says cost of investigation could be recovered if there is a successful prosecution

Wellington regional council votes to become a living wage employer

Decision could see cleaners and security guards' pay increase by 25 per cent, union claims.

How to make business travel more efficient

Learn how to better manage your business travel.

New Zealand to welcome a record number of cruise ships this summer

New Zealand will welcome a record number of cruise ships to its shores this summer.

Russian airline owner aims to beat Elon Musk and Jeff Bezoz to space

Space race between US and Russia heats up as Soviet airline owner plans to launch commercial rockets.

Golf Hub Marlborough opens at Marlborough Golf Club

A sporting store selling golfing equipment has a prime new location at the Marlborough Golf Club course.

Collapsed firm Mainzeal owes $120 million to creditors, legal proceedings continue against firm directors

Liquidators of collapsed firm Mainzeal have rejected more than $36 million worth of claims made by out-of-pocket creditors.

Man convicted of fraud charges after selling non-existent helicopters online.

Selling non-existent helicopters online lands man a real visit to the dock.

All eight Taranaki iwi united against 'misleading' mining company

"We think they're deliberately misleading the government that they have iwi mandate."

Gen-y supports southern credit union's push northwards

A South Island credit union is targeting younger people in a marketing push into northern centres

How they make it: Carpet making at Cavalier

Ever wondered how the carpet in your home was made? Roll up and find out.

Go ahead for major Central Plains Water scheme irrigation expansion in Canterbury

Central Plains Water scheme will go ahead, with 1000 extra jobs promised each year.

Internationally-renowned gallery pins hopes on donations to stave off entry fees

Can Kiwis be convinced to give more to one of New Zealand's internationally-renowned galleries? Last year they gave just $11,000.

Taxi company's GPS system snares driver for speeding at twice the legal limit

"He was due to take up a job driving buses, which he won't be able to do either."

Winners and losers in the fight for insurance justice

It's worth taking on your insurer over a rejected claim, even if victory's not guaranteed.

Vancouver, London top list of cities at risk of housing bubble

House prices surge in Vancouver, London and Stockholm, putting them most at risk of a housing bubble.

New World Little Garden Trade Me auction hits $200

As bids on a full set pass $200, could get the same plants at a garden centre for $42.

ASB manager's 'sxy' dismissal unfair - but he was the author of his own misfortune

A married ASB senior manager declared his love for a "super-hot" staff member, then was fired.

Company to pay $730,000 after backing out of Auckland property deal

She claimed she didn't understand the $7.3m property deal, but she still must pay a 10% deposit - that's $730k.

UberEats expanding to new international markets

UberEats set to become a driving force behind meal deliveries as it prepares to expand to global markets.

How advertisers turned the US presidential debate into a new Super Bowl

A 30-second ad during coverage of the US presidential cost more than US$200,000.

Top 10 abuses revealed in the Commerce Commission's Consumer Issues Report

Dodgy debt collectors, mis-sold extended warranties and unsafe goods are among the main consumer traps.

What to look for when buying insurance

Know how to get the best insurance for your needs.

Battle over A$4.95 pizzas as Australian Pizza Hut franchisees fight for compo

Cheesed-off Australian Pizza Hut franchisees say they were forced to sell unprofitable pizzas.

Sydney opens its doors and its views to a look around

People will soon get a chance to climb to one of the city's rare canopies, high above the Harbour Bridge.

Sales Concepts pleads guilty to false Christmas delivery promise

Customers were misled about their laybys by door-to-door seller Sales Concepts.

Shopology offers mix of designers at Christchurch's Re:Start mall

New tenants ahead of Christmas trading, but Christchurch container mall's unlikely to be open next winter.

A response to the shock collar outrage

OPINION: Electric shock training collars for dogs are controversial, but do they even work?

Air France workers on trial over ripping off bosses' shirts

Two Air France bosses had to flee over a fence when protesters ripped their shirts off.

Tourism company wants to introduce Picton to Blenheim steam train

A World War I train will take cruise ship passengers from Picton to Blenheim, and back again.

Auckland mayoral candidate John Palino calls for 'task force' of retired police

Retired police officers will be investigating criminal cases if John Palino becomes Auckland mayor.

Chinese investors pay symbolic price of A$88.88 million for Sydney's 333 Kent Street

Chinese investor hoping for prosperity pays a symbolic price of $88,888,888 for a downtown building.

Rural news wrap: September 28

A roundup of rural and farming news, wrapped up in one place.

Getting locked in an escape room proves popular in Hamilton

Fancy paying to get locked in a room with only an hour to escape?
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