Phil Newbury

Artist puts different spin on glass

Invercargill artist Phil Newbury works with glass in a different way to others.

Southern wild food tickets go on sale

Frog legs, snails, and fine French wine - they may be a delicacy in some countries, but here they are wild food fodder.

Pedigree drums are bespoke

'I've never played anything like it'

A Southland musical enterprise is drumming up interest in its boutique, custom-built snare drums.

Performing around the world

Cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan dreamed of performing with great orchestras from an early age.

The Ego has landed for 7 Days show

The Friday night TV comedy show 7 Days is taking to the road on a national tour.

ChumHum and Sleuthway?

We've all heard the names TV shows come up with for social media, but why do they insist on such ridiculous names?

Marple tracks calypso killer

Miss Marple leaves the village of St Mary Mead for a taste of Caribbean sunshine.

Freaks still dominating, but Christmas carols on the rise

Upscale debut for PM's son

Just another young-adult film

the maze runner MOVIE REVIEW: Maze Runner is yet another young adult book made into a film and I'm over it.

Ninja Turtles on steroids still lots of fun

MOVIE REVIEW: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is completely silly but so much fun.

A slam-dunk hayride to Hitsville

Comic book noir only

Has an edge adults will enjoy

MOVIE REVIEW: The first words to come out of my 5-year-old niece's mouth after watching The Boxtrolls were "it was amazing", and that it was.

Show Me Shorts heads south

New Zealand's annual celebration of small, but perfectly formed, cinema is making some southern stops.

Scavenger that does us all a favour

Here is a bird that is both a predator and a scavenger. It's the black-backed gull commonly known as the "black-back".

Fan of the tree fuchsia

Snowstorm cost lives of 17 goldminers

Spring chicks for dotterel

This banded dotterel appears to have three legs. There's an important reason for this. The photograph was taken on a cold windy day at the beach high-tide zone.

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