Artists to show how it's done

02:55, Jul 18 2014
Aleisha Toomey
City Gallery co-ordinator Aleisha Toomey with some of Susie Ruddenklau's work from the People and Other Animals exhibition, which runs until July 26.

Art lovers can watch how artwork is created this week at City Gallery.

Artists Susie Ruddenklau and Joanna Nimmo will both be painting in the gallery today and Saturday for the public to observe.

The pair are part of the gallery's present exhibition People and Other Animals, with Kingston artist Karen Scott.

Nimmo's work is abstracted landscapes, while Scott's work focuses on animals and Ruddenklau works with different mediums depending on the subject.

Ruddenklau was able to work with so many mediums because she had been painting all her life, she said.

"I like a subject and just decide what medium I'd like to use. Some subjects lend themselves to certain mediums," she said.

The diversity of her work can be seen in the exhibition with water colours, oils, pastels, mixed media and drawings. Scott painted animals because she was a farmer, Ruddenklau said.

"She has a beautiful understanding of animals."

The gallery is open from 11am until 4pm today and 11am until 2pm tomorrow.


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