Viewers criticise John Campbell interview

19:56, Mar 01 2011
VOICING AN OPINION: John Campbell will address criticism of his interview with Ken Ring on tonight's episode of Campbell Live.

John Campbell will address criticism of an interview he did with a man who claimed to predict Christchurch's devastating earthquake on TV3 tonight.

Campbell was widely criticised for last night's interview with Ken Ring, with more than 1000 comments left on the TV3 website and criticism raised on Twitter and Facebook.

He was interviewing Ring, a controversial weather forecaster, over claims he had predicted last week's 6.3 quake in Christhchurch and was predicting another for March 20.

Some called the interview "disgusting" and "lacking in manners" while others said they would never watch Campbell Live again.

"JC acted like an arrogant opinionated jackass. What was meant to be an interview turned into John’s personal vitriolic attack on Mr Ring's theory interrupting and over talking Mr ring every time he was trying to answer a question," said a commentator called Gareth on TV3's website.

The interview was often heated as Campbell accused Ring of distorting facts for his own gain. Ring in turn accused Campbell of speaking over the top of him and not letting him voice his opinion.

TV3 spokesperson Nicole Wood said "a handful" of complaints had been lodged about the interview and Campbell would address those on tonight's edition of Campbell Live.

Watch the interview here.