Tiki Tour seeks young presenters with passion

The hunt is on for Southland children ready and willing to represent their hometowns on national television.

Pickled Possum Productions is looking for young presenters from Arrowtown, Winton, Riverton, Invercargill and Gore to star in their preschool show, Tiki Tour.

Tiki Tour production co-ordinator Meghan Synott said one child from each town would be chosen as an ambassador to show off their patch, highlighting significant landmarks in the area as well as interviewing their families and schools.

Filming is scheduled for the end of November, but the segments will not screen until next year. Ambassadors needed to be confident and passionate about their hometowns, she said.

"What we're really looking for is enthusiasm."

Children aged between six and nine wanting to be an ambassador should email meghans@pickled possum.co.nz outlining why they love their town. They should include a photograph or short video of themselves.

The Southland Times