Bombshell for better in last of Twilight saga

01:23, Nov 22 2012
BITING STUFF: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella and Edward.

MOVIE REVIEW: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner; directed by Bill Condon

Well, it's all over. The Twilight film series has finished leaving many fans wondering what they will be watching next November.

While the second in the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire, will no doubt be taking Twilight's November slot, it won't be the same.

Opening with visually stunning credits and a score that has followed the series since the beginning, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 quickly picks up where the first part left off. Bella, now a vampire, opens her eyes to a whole new world, with more strength and enhanced senses that Edward quickly helps her to get used to. Bella reunites with her daughter, Renesmee (I still do not like that name), and her new life seems all happy families until the Volturi discover that Renesmee exists.

The film is relatively faithful to the book with a few changes here and there, which fans of the series would be used to by now and hopefully have accepted. However, in saying that, there was a rumour that one of these changes will shock some viewers.

There were certainly a few gasps and inappropriate language from audience members (myself included) the other night. However, I think the change was more satisfying than the book and I can't help but wonder whether Stephenie Meyer, who has had close watch over the film adaptation and producing credits in this final film, had anything to do with it.


I like to think so.

I have to make special mention of Carter Burwell. He composed the beautiful score for the entire film series and I am still amazed at how much it makes me tingle and sigh. It fits the film perfectly, much like James Horner's score for that movie with the big boat.

I think that you can judge a movie by the number of people who stay to watch the ending credits. There are normally two reasons for staying. The first is that the audience has just finished watching a Marvel film in hope that there is some short scene at the end of the credits that is going to show Iron Man meet up with Thor to discuss their next adventure. The second reason is because the audience actually wants to sit and watch the credits.

The latter was definitely the reason why a lot of people stayed at the end of Breaking Dawn and they were rewarded - a montage of cast members from the entire film series was shown, interspersed with pages from the book.

It's really sad to realise that these films are over. Like the Harry Potter films, no-one can deny that the Twilight franchise has left its mark on pop culture.

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is the perfect ending to a wonderful and beloved series which fans all over will continue to enjoy forever.

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