Public display of Aparima students' art

22:36, Dec 03 2012
Riverton Arts Centre exhibit
Aparima College students Devon Winders, 17, Minishka Bradley, 17, Brooke Malcolm, 16, and Dayna Guise-Ward, 16, at the Riverton Arts Centre with art boards that will feature in the gallery space for the next three weeks.

Thirty pieces of art by Aparima College students, showing a new understanding of depth, light, and storytelling, will feature at the Riverton Arts Centre until Friday.

Teacher Karl Buckley said the exhibit of photography and NCEA art boards by year 11 to 13 students was especially exciting because it was going up in an established art space.

"To see what you've been working on all year up in a public space [brings] a real sense of achievement."

One of the challenges for the young artists was developing skills while structuring photographs and paintings into a theme.

Brooke Malcolm, 16, said she learned about depth of field and how to blur a photograph this year; she also honed in on her theme of a spiritual experience, using depictions of angels and working on a darkening and lightening of mood.

Leah Thompson, 16, said putting it all together was lots of fun, but there was a bit of scrambling towards the end to pull it off.

Buckley said the students looked at the history of photography as well as digital manipulation, techniques, camera controls and how to see an idea through from start to finish.

"They're great kids, full of enthusiasm, trying really new things. When you see the light go on in their eyes when they discover something new it's so rewarding for them."


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