Long wait for Gore Hobbit fan

A Gore film projectionist has watched the trailer to The Hobbit more than 700 times since its release about a year ago.

SBS St James Theatre projectionist Andrew Wards said he had spent about 30 hours watching the 2 -minute trailer.

"I'm a serious fan. I absolutely love everything about it."

He knew he was a fan after meeting Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) in Wanaka in July and knew the names of the 13 dwarfs better than he did.

Sir Ian was doing live shows to raise funds for a theatre in Christchurch and was asked by a fan to name the dwarfs and he managed to name about six, Mr Wards said.

He took on the challenge to name the rest and got them all right.

It has been a long wait since the last film was release in 2003, he said.

"The next few days until the midnight premiere will be the longest wait of all."

The Southland Times