Technical wizards

23:00, Dec 06 2012
Ascot Community School production
Ascot Community School pupils from left Hendrix Grant, 11, Dominic Fagerlund, 11, and Donald Thomson, 13, get technical in preparation for their school production.

Amid a tangle of wires, computers, and production scripts three boys sit, adjusting dials and dimming lights.

The trio, Ascot Community School pupils Hendrix Grant, 11, Dominic Fagerlund, 11, and Donald Thomson, 13, have masterminded all the lighting, filming and sound for the school's production Go for Gold, Win a Smile this week - even using their technical wizardry to stitch in an appearance by pop singer Annah Mac.

Although Mac did not actually star in the show, a combination of music, film tricks and carefully disguised actors gave the impression she was on stage with the school.

The boys had been working on the project since the start of the term, and Hendrix said the hardest part was dealing with the school's old electrical board, which controlled the lighting.

However, they did have some hi-tech gear to play with, such as a big stage projector, which the school had hired for the production.

Apart from a few glitches on opening night and an exposed wire in an extension cord, everything had flowed smoothly, he said.


It was a case of pupils teaching the teachers when it came to new technology, teacher Anya Bowman said.

''It was a really good little learning experience.''

The boys had even worked on the project in their own time, they were so interested in the technical stuff, she said.

''They would spend all the day over here, fixing it up and fine-tuning it.''

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