It has been a big year for . . . Rob Sarkies

Two Little Boys director Rob Sarkies.
Two Little Boys director Rob Sarkies.

The acclaimed film director's five years of work came to fruition with the release of Two Little Boys, filmed in Invercargill and the Catlins.

1) What was your personal highlight of 2012?

It would have to be the birth of my first child, Max. But second would certainly be the New Zealand premiere of Two Little Boys in Invercargill. After five years working on the film, I could finally relax and celebrate what we'd all done with a warm and very excited crowd. It was a great night.

2) What was your biggest regret?

Not being able to attend the Berlin International Film Festival screening of Two Little Boys because Max's due date was the same as the screening date! In the end he came two weeks late so I could have gone after all.

3) What was your best purchase of the year?

A New Zealand made "Cariboo" bassinet that is suspended so when Max couldn't get to sleep we could just lean over and give him a little swing. Highly recommended to any new parent!

4) What made you angry this year?

The Government's insistence in pushing through the asset sales. Ideology over logic or economics in my opinion.

5) What made you laugh this year?

My son. Every day. I didn't realise babies could be so funny.

6) What new skill did you learn?

I learnt to juggle. Work and children that is. Got a feeling I'll be juggling for a while.

7) Most embarrassing moment of the year?

I'm not easily embarrassed these days. Worst moment of the year, however, was the film breaking down halfway through the preview screening to all the key Auckland critics. Our most influential audience had to wait in the dark for five minutes while the projectionist re-spliced it.

8) How has your life changed from January 1 to now?

This has been a year full of changes. I've had a baby, moved house, completed and released a film, started writing another. The really big changes are related to being a new parent though - new routines, no sleep, no going out - the glamorous lifestyle every parent knows well.

9) What's your goal for 2013?

Get a new project off the starting blocks and find a balance between work and parenthood that enables me to do both well.

10) Tell us a secret . . .

I can ride a unicycle and play the mandolin - but I don't do either well and I can't do them at the same time.

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