It's been a big year for . . . Sonia Manaena

World open powerlifting gold medal winner Sonia Manaena.
World open powerlifting gold medal winner Sonia Manaena.

Invercargill's - actually, one of the world's - strongest woman was another Kiwi almost undone by a drug taker, but goodness prevailed.

1) What was your personal highlight of 2012?

Winning a world open powerlifting gold medal.

2) What was your biggest regret?

That I didn't buy a Viking ship in Sweden.

3) What was your best purchase of the year?

Valerie Adams' autobiography.

4) Most embarrassing moment of the year?

Shotput - I threw and then walked out the front, which is a foul.

5) What made you angry this year?

I bought a new car and I keep pulling up at the petrol station to fill on the wrong side.

6) What made you laugh this year?

Chopper's (s)Hit List Show.

7) What new skill did you learn?


8) How has your life changed from January 1 to now?

I have more new friends and enjoying life.

9) What's your goal for 2013?

To win another gold medal.

10) Tell us a secret . . .

I have a cheese issue. I eat too much.

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