It's been a big year for . . . Vaughan McCall

22:36, Dec 30 2012
Southland Times photo
Southland golfer Vaughan McCall.

Southland's leading golfer has had a stellar year. Expect 2013 to bring even more success in the golf world.

1) What was your personal highlight of 2012?

Winning the NZ Amateur title. Winning the NZ Strokeplay, coming second in the Welsh Open, 13th at Eisenhower (Worlds) and a 63-9 under-course record at Lake Macquarie tied with Australian golfer Jason Day.

2) What was your biggest regret?

I have no regrets. Everything I have done has made me the person I am today and my golf has grown so much.

3) What was your best purchase of the year?


Srixon golf clubs.

4) Most embarrassing moment of the year?

My first time in the gym. I'm now much more experienced in this area.

5) What made you angry this year?

Golf has its ups and downs, but I've made the most of the bad times to learn from them and not let them get in the way.

6) What made you laugh this year?

The time on tour with all my pairs. There are some great times and laughs in the team together on and off the course.

7) What new skill did you learn?

Too many to name. My game is always developing so much. The biggest improvement I've made is probably the mental skills and tools I've put in the bag with Jason McKenzie in the Academy Southland.

8) How has your life changed from January 1 to now?

It has become a lot more international with my golf. It's now taking me out of domestically playing and I'm experiencing the travel side of things as well.

9) What's your goal for 2013?

To play a stint of tournaments in the United States, to work hard at my technique and to gain distance off the tee.

10) Tell us a secret . . .

I never thought I'd say it, but I love the gym.

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