Journey of inspiration

01:03, Jan 22 2013
Dianne Trewin
Seaward (left) and Oreti Beach, by artist Dianne Trewin.

Northland artist Dianne Trewin says she found another home during a visit to the beaches and bush around Riverton in 2011 - and this month she's back with an exhibition that draws on memories of her journey south.

Now based in Whangarei, Trewin was influenced by figure realist artist Garth Tapper, post-expressionist Robert Ellis and painter Colin McCahon during her student years at the Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland in the 70s, before carrying on with mixed media art, drawing and painting for private and corporate collections both in New Zealand and overseas.

Her abstract paintings can be found in England, Germany, Malaysia, China and the United States.

Dianne Trewin
Artist Dianne Trewin was entranced with the Riverton area on a visit in 2011.

Trewin met with the Riverton Community Arts Centre staff during her 2011 visit with friends and developed the idea for a North-South exchange exhibition.

The first stage of the exhibition opened at the arts centre in October; the second part will open later in 2013 in Whangarei.

"Riverton and the surrounding area reminded me so much of the Northland I spent my childhood in. I come from a farming background. Native bush, macrocarpas - those big, old, untidy trees with their dark, brooding, cold feel about them."


It was a landscape "that happens over time, by man, hand in hand with nature".

She had passed through Riverton years before and a file opened in her memory bank, she says. The works at the centre relate to early spring in Southland.

"Snow was, at the time, still falling. It was cold and windy. The people were warm and welcoming. I was sorry to leave.

"To return and put thoughts and ideas in that file was an unexpected pleasure."

Trewin's exhibition A Return will be at the Riverton Community Arts Centre until February 6.

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